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CBD For Muscular Dystrophy

CBD for Muscular Dystrophy

As per certain studies, CBD can relieve the symptoms of MD, but many of you may have doubts about this.

Bearing this in mind, we’re presenting our blog on CBD for muscular dystrophy. In this blog, all of you’ll get clarifications for your doubts regarding the usage of this compound for this health problem.

Let’s begin with the disease.

What is Muscular Dystrophy (MD)?

This is a group of health problems, which can lead to loss of muscle mass, as well as progressive weakness. Any age group people can suffer from this condition.

It usually occurs due to the deficiency of protein, namely dystrophin (a protein essential for the normal functioning of muscles). Lack of dystrophin can lead to certain problems such as muscle coordination, walking, and swallowing.


Understand the Symptoms of Muscular Dystrophy

This disease has several types, but here we’re explaining the symptoms of only 3 of them – Becker muscular dystrophy, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and Myotonic dystrophy.

The symptoms are similar for Becker and Duchenne. The dissimilarity between these two is that the symptoms of “Becker Muscular Dystrophy” arises typically in the mid-twenties or later. Usually, they are milder at the beginning and develops gradually.

Duchenne MD tends to be the most common type among all other types. Moreover, as compared to becker, duchenne is more severe.

Duchenne muscular dystrophy

When it comes to this type, the symptoms are:

• Thinning of bone

• Problem is swallowing

• Difficulty in walking

• Weakness in heart and lung

• Trouble in breathing

• Loss of reflexes

• Scoliosis (an unusual curvature of the spine)

• Poor posture

• Mind intellectual damage

• Trouble in standing up

[Note: Usually, for folks living with this type need a wheelchair before their teen years.]

Becker muscular dystrophy

When it comes to this type, as we mentioned above, the symptoms are similar to duchenne, but they are less severe. This is more common in boys as compared to girls.

In this type, the symptoms occur between the age group 11 and 25.

Along with the above-mentioned symptoms, this type has some other symptoms as well.

They are:

• Muscle cramps

• Walking on your toes

• Difficulty in getting up from the floor

• Often falling down

[Note: In this type, most people don’t need a wheelchair till they are in the mid-30s or older than that.]

Myotonic Dystrophy

This type is also popular as dystrophic myotonica or steinert’s disease. It can lead to myotonia and can affect the heart, eyes, facial muscles, thyroid, etc. of the patients.

The symptoms of this type are:

Loss of weight

Muscle drop in the face

Tired eyelids

Increased sweating

Trouble in swallowing



Let’s have a look into the reasons due to which it arises.

Causes of Muscular Dystrophy

This disease can occur due to the transformations on the X chromosome. In fact, each form of this disease occurs due to a diverse set of mutations.

Though this is the condition, all the types don’t allow the body to produce dystrophin. Dystrophin is an essential protein, which has the potential to build, as well as repair muscles.

As per the scientific studies, if the protein mentioned above is deformed or absent, then the process will not work properly. Not only this, but it can also cause interruptions in the outer membrane. This, in turn, will lead to the weakening of muscles and can also impair the muscle cells by own.

Next is one of the main things that everyone searches for and, i.e., treatment.

How to Treat Muscular Dystrophy?

This health condition has no cure, but there are options to prevent or lessen the problems occurring in the spine and joints. It helps the sufferers to remain mobile as long as possible.

Treatment options consist of occupational and physical therapy, surgery, medications, etc.

Though all these options are there, in this blog, we’re focusing on using CBD for muscular dystrophy.


Can CBD Help People With Muscular Dystrophy?

This cannabinoid plays a remarkable role in the endocannabinoid system (ECS) of the body. It has the potential to allow your body to sustain anandamide, instead of attaching with the cannabinoid (CB) receptors.

This, as a result, can help people who are living with pain.

When you consume CBD, it blocks FAAH, which in turn, allows you to make use of anandamide for a prolonged time. This anandamide deal with certain symptoms of MD.

It includes:

1. Mood: The rise of anandamide in your brain enhances your mood. Cannabidiol also gets connects to your serotonin receptors for further relief.

2. Pain: Anandamide is the one that lessens the pain associated with injury, spasticity, and muscle spasms. Actually, it manages the response of the pain to make you more comfortable.

3. Cardiovascular Problems: If any individual with this health condition is experiencing high blood pressure as a symptom, then cannabidiol can be beneficial. It can lower the blood pressure to safeguard your blood vessels, as well as the heart.

4. Inflammation: Anandamide has the potential to lessen inflammation by controlling the immune cells in the damaged area.

These are the factors due to which there is a belief that CBD can help people suffering from MD.

To have a more clear view on this, please look into the research section. Here we’ve mentioned the finding of some studies.

Studies on Using Cannabidiol for This Health Condition

According to studies, cannabis can manage the symptoms of this health problem. Studies revealed that the active compound, which is present in marijuana, could reduce inflammation and chronic pain.

The two main compounds of cannabis with these properties are CBD and THC. As per the studies, cannabinoids can help folks living with MD. Studies have also shown that products associated with CBD provided a significant impact on mice suffering from the mild form of this disease.


If you’ve a clear picture of how CBD can help deal with MD, then you may have the interest in trying this either for you or any of your loved ones.


If yes, then remember that this cannabinoid is available in a number of forms. This, as a result, can help you choose the best intake method for you or your loved one.

For your info, here is a list of those products.

List of Accessible CBD Products

Here it goes.




• Creams


And much more.

Now, you may think about the dosage of these products. This means the accurate dosage to intake this.

Bearing this in mind, here we’re showcasing some information about the dosage for these products.

How Much CBD Essential for MD?

We are really very sorry to say that these products don’t have any particular dosage for any disease. In fact, it shows a discrepancy for all the individuals depending on their age, gender, disease, weight, etc.

Thus, it would be good if you begin your CBD journey from a low dose and continue like this for some days. It will help you analyze the body’s reaction towards cannabidiol, and as a result, you can decide whether to continue using CBD or stop it.

If you are deciding to continue this, then you can raise the level of dosing slightly, if required.

[Note: Consult the doctor before giving it a try.]

Till now, we’ve discussed almost everything about the disease and whether cannabidiol can help manage this problem or not.

However, the most important thing when it comes to this compound is its legality in the United States.

Therefore, please read our next subheading and know about it.

Is CBD Legal To Use?

You can use CBD only if it’s from the derivatives of USA-grown industrial hemp plants. This is because this plant is legal to cultivate all over the U.S., according to Farm Bill of the year 2018.

The reason behind the legalization of this plant is that it contain very less amount of THC content (less than 0.3%). This indicates that products coming from hemp extracts will not make the user feel high.

However, before buying this, check the legality of this compound according to your state law.


It’s time to conclude the topic.


We believe that through this blog, we’ve tried our level best to provide you with every single detail regarding the usage of cannabidiol for muscular dystrophy.

However, still, if you want more details on this, then get in touch with us.

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