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CBD For Pets

CBD for Pets

Many people, including you, may have lovable pets. As a result, if your furry friends suffer from even a small disease, you’ll be in a situation to try any medicine or immediately call a veterinarian to help them.

However, as of now, in the medical industry, a term is booming day by day as a natural option for managing several health problems, which is not only for humans but also for pets.

Want to know that term?

If yes, then here it is - CBD (Cannabidiol).

Many scientific studies are stating that cannabidiol can be the right option for humans in managing a group of diseases ranging from mild to severe. Though it may be useful for humans, is it good to use CBD for pets?

To know the answer, read the entire blog.


What is CBD?

CBD is one among the many phytocannabinoids present in the plant species, named cannabis. As per the studies, it can be an asset for people to deal with a range of medical conditions.

The extraction of this compound is possible not only from marijuana but also from hemp plants. However, there is a difference between the cannabidiol coming hemp and marijuana. The difference is the presence of THC content in both the plants. Hemp plants contain very less amount of THC content, whereas marijuana plants contain a high amount of THC content. As a result, while comparing with marijuana CBD, hemp CBD doesn’t produce the euphoric high in the user.

This is the reason why many prefer hemp-extracted cannabidiol instead of marijuana-extracted CBD.

Now, let’s focus on our main subject.


Benefits That CBD Can Offer To Pets

According to certain studies, many successful cases are reported regarding the usage of medical cannabis for pets to help them with their diseases.

Moreover, as per some studies, this cannabinoid can be beneficial for managing several health conditions associated with pets. The reason behind this is both humans and animals have endocannabinoid receptors, and these are the receptors through which cannabidiol shows its effects.

Want to know what are those health conditions for which cannabidiol can be beneficial?

If yes, then here it goes...

Skin problems Epilepsy






Rheumatoid arthritis

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)



Now, considering the similarity of endocannabinoid receptors in animals and humans, it is a belief that this compound can help manage these problems in cats, dogs, and other furry friends.


If your furry friend is suffering from any of these medical conditions, then you can try this compound for your pets. This compound is available in many forms, which, as a result, helps you choose the one that can be convenient for your pet.

What happened?

Are you not aware of those forms?

If yes, then here are the various forms of it.

Various Forms of Cannabidiol

Here they are:

Pure CBD Oil






If you’re very much clear about what to give to your pet, then the next question that you would ask is - how much CBD is essential for your pet.

Thus, with respect to this, we’re considering this question as our next subtopic to discuss.


What Is the Accurate Dosage Level of CBD for Pets?

Dosing cannabidiol tends to be a complicated thing as it has no specific dosing level. Thus, when it comes to dosing any cannabidiol -infused product, a low-to-medium dose would be the best decision. This decision is applicable for pets, as well as humans.

Now, if you’re going to give CBD oil or any other cannabidiol product to your pet, then here are some basic guidelines that you must take care of:

Talk to a veterinary doctor and make sure that the cannabidiol content will not interfere with the current medicine of your pet.

If everything is fine, then begin with 1mg of cannabidiol content per every 10 lbs. of the bodyweight of your pet. You can give this once or twice a day.

Starting from a small dosage and increasing the dosage gradually till you get your desired results is always right.

If you gave this to your pet, then stay with them for some hours. This will help you ensure that they are fine.

Though we discussed all these here, many may still have a doubt that is it a safe choice for pets.

If you also have this doubt, then go through the next title.

Is CBD a Safe Choice for Pets?

As per the studies, this doesn’t produce any adverse effects, and as a result, it can be safe for furry friends. Moreover, hemp-sourced cannabidiol products contain a very low concentration of THC content; thus, it won’t produce any intoxicating effects on your pet.

Studies say that this component stimulates the ECS of the body. The ECS is the one, which plays a main role in the ability of the body to process certain things like stress, pain, and appetite.

This system is not only in humans but in pets as well. This is the reason why it is alleged that the effect of cannabidiol on humans, as well as pets are similar.

When it comes to pet safety, a fear occurs in pet owners due to the unawareness of the dissimilarities between THC and CBD. Both these compounds come from the same plant species, and their structure is also similar. As a result, many think cannabidiol as THC and considers CBD as an intoxicating compound. This is the reason due to which many people believe that this phytocannabinoid is dangerous to pets.

However, cannabidiol is not an intoxicating compound and can't interact with the same receptors as THC.


Though it can be a safe choice, it can produce some mild side effects. If you want to have an idea on that, then read on.

Do Pets Suffer Any Side Effects Due To CBD?

As per some reports, there are a few side effects allied with this compound, and the effects are very mild. Moreover, the effects arise when it is taken in a high dose than the recommended dosage level.

The common side effect associated with this is appetite loss or discomfort in the stomach. This occurs because there is a possibility that the extracts of hemp can interact unfavorably with the pets.

Finally, now it time to conclude the blog as we hope that we’ve covered almost all the vital things regarding the usage of cannabidiol for the furry friends.

Final Words

As we mentioned at the starting of this blog, the term cannabidiol is booming in the medical industry as each day goes on. According to the studies, this naturally occurring compound functions by interacting with the ECS of the body, which is present in humans as well as animals.

As a result, it is a belief that CBD-infused products can be perfect for both humans and animals in dealing with various diseases.

However, it’s up to you what you choose for your pet – any cannabidiol-infused product or any other drugs.

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