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CBD For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

CBD for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Recent studies claim that cannabidiol can help manage the symptoms of this health problem. As a result, many are showing interest in knowing how it can help manage PTSD symptoms.

If you also have this doubt, then read the entire blog on CBD for PTSD and know how.

However, first, let’s talk about the disease.

What is PTSD?

PTSD is a short form for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is a severe health condition, which usually occurs in people as a result of witnessing or experiencing any frightening event.

The common symptoms associated with this health problem consist of nightmares, severe anxiety, flashbacks, and a lot more.

Along with these, people who suffer PTSD also experience certain other symptoms. To have an idea on those signs, go through our next subheading.

Symptoms of PTSD

The signs of this problem come under four categories. They are as follows:

1. Avoiding: The sufferers of this disease may tend to avoid some places, situations, thoughts, and people. This, in turn, can result in isolation, as well as detachment from friends and family. Not only this much, but it may also lead to the lack of interest in activities, which the patients once loved.

2. Negative mood: This category refers to the feelings, as well as thoughts relating to memories, blame, and hostility of the terrifying event.

3. Relieving: PTSD patients have the tendency to recall the thoughts of the frightening situation that they experienced. This includes nightmares, flashbacks, and hallucinations.

4. Increased Arousal: In this category, patients experience difficulty in concentrating, the problem in staying or falling asleep, angry outbursts, irritability, etc.

Along with these, there are certain physical symptoms, as well. This includes quick breathing, high blood pressure and heart rate, diarrhea, muscle tension, and nausea.


Causes of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

As we mentioned above, this disorder develops in you when you see or face any traumatic event. However, in the case of some people, even doctors don’t know the reason.

Though this is the case, there are some reasons for this problem.

They are:

• Genetic mental health problems (for example, a family history of depression and anxiety)

• Lack of support from friends and family

• Genetic features of your behavior (temperament)

In addition to these, some factors can increase the risk of this health condition.

They are:

• Excessive use of drugs or alcohol

• Anxiety

• Depression

• Childhood abuse

• Experiencing long-lasting trauma


This is one of the main section that every people search for.

Are you thinking about what?

If yes, then it’s none other than treatment.

How to Treat PTSD Effectively?

The treatment of this health condition consists of medication, psychotherapy (a kind of counseling), or both. The main aim behind PTSD treatment is to lessen the physical, as well as emotional symptoms, and as a result, providing an improvement in the daily functioning.

It’s a fact that several options are there for treating this problem, but here we’re concentrating on something different. As our main topic suggests, we’re focusing on CBD for managing this health condition.

So, let’s look into it.

How Could CBD Be Beneficial for PTSD Patients?

CBD is the non-psychoactive compound present in the cannabis Sativa.

According to the latest research, cannabidiol can be another option to treat this health condition. This is because researchers have found that this compound can produce a promising effect on the core PTSD symptoms.

In fact, the endocannabinoid system (ECS) has a crucial role in memory consolidation, emotional regulation, etc. Here comes the role of CBD, because CBD functions by interacting with the ECS.

Because of the way how CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, scientists have found that CBD can have an impact on our emotions around memories, how we create, and recall them.

In addition to this, some studies have shown that cannabidiol can be beneficial for anxiety, depression, etc.

Not only this much, but it can also help with sleep issues. As per one study, cannabidiol can empower the ECS of the body and as a result, can promote quality sleep. This, in turn, will avoid frightening memories.

Though we have discussed how this cannabinoid can help deal with this problem, there is one problem associated with this compound – legality.

As a result of this, our next matter for discussion is that only.

Is CBD Legal To Use All Over The United States?

In general, it is legal in the United States, but under some restrictions. If the source of cannabidiol is hemp plant, then it’s legitimate, but if it’s marijuana, then it is illegitimate.

This is because hemp plants are legal to grow in the U.S. Moreover, hemp-extracted CBD products contain less THC content as compared to marijuana-derived CBD products. As a result, hemp-sourced cannabidiol products will not make the user feel high.

Though the scenario is like this, you must check the state law on this cannabinoid before buying it.

Till here, we discussed several important things, but we didn’t discuss on how to use this compound and how much to intake.

Thus, let’s discuss both these things under our last two subheadings.

How to Use CBD?

There are many ways to use this compound. They are as follows:

• Edibles

Pure CBD Oil


• Lotions


And a lot more.

How Much CBD Content Is Required for PTSD?

Sorry to say that there is no answer to this question. It’s because the dosage fluctuates for every individual as all are different in terms of weight, age, metabolic rate, etc.

Thus, if you’re on a decision to intake any CBD-infused product, then consider having a low dosage at the beginning. In fact, this is the right decision because, with this, you’ll come to know how your body responds to cannabidiol. As a result, you can make a decision on whether to continue or stop this.

Now, if you’re continuing, then if necessary, you can increase the level of your dosing.

[Note: If you’re taking any other medication for your health condition, then talk to your doctor before taking any cannabidiol product.]

Now, we feel like we have covered all the vital information regarding the disease and our main topic – CBD for PTSD.

Thus, we’re closing the blog with a final takeaway.


By taking this blog as a medium, we provided you with all the things that we understood from our research on cannabidiol for dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Furthermore, if you wish to know any other info regarding this, then contact us as soon as possible.

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