It is indeed that you have heard about CBD for its uses and value in the medical field, but did you hear about CBD Topical Rubs? No. Then here is what it is. A CBD topical rub is similar to CBD pain relief cream or lotion. These are prepared by mixing high CBD cannabis flower into the oil to extract the major compounds- CBD and Terpenes. CBD Topical Rubs are really safe as it is CBD rich and is popular for its anti-inflammatory properties. It can be used for healing a range of pain conditions. These rubs won’t get you high because of the presence of high CBD concentration in it. CBD is non-intoxicating as compared to THC. CBD Topical Rubs are highly effectual in pain relief without any side effects. And as compared to opioids, these rubs aren’t addictive. To get the best results, it will be great if you use it as a part of your normal dietary supplement. It can be used easily, quickly and allow you to apply it directly on affected areas. The key advantage it has while comparing with other medications is you can’t overdose on it.

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