CBD Pure Hemp Cbd Extract Intensive Relief Topical Rub

(60mg Pure Hemp Cbd Extract Intensive Relief Topical Rub 30ml)

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For all your acute and chronic pain relief needs, Intensive Relief Topical Rub gives you pain relief instantly. Intensive Relief Topical Rub provides soothing, massaging relief right where you hurt. This means you get long-lasting relief during the day when you are active and long-lasting relief at night when you go to sleep. Thank to a special formulation of CBD oil and various Terpenes, this powerful relief rub is made in a way to permeate your skin and act directly on the affected joint and muscle tissues When you rub the cream in, it is absorbed into the skin quickly and into the areas of pain giving relief without causing a burning feeling. You will experience calm and relaxing relief that lasts for hours. It has a smooth consistency and won’t leave any oily residue upon use. It is free from strong odor and not greasy. In fact when applied, you will quickly notice a pleasant scent and quick action of pain relief. Intensive Relief Topical Rub (60 mg) comes in 2 times the strength of CBD and other vital ingredients. The Intensive Relief Topical Rub uses high-quality Industrial Hemp which is organic-certified and non-GMO. The hemp oil we use is Full spectrum and doesn’t contain THC in it.

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