CBD 500mg Intensive Relief Topical Rub

(500mg Pure Hemp Cbd Extract Intensive Relief Topical Rub 112ml)

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For all kind of pains ranging from the acute to the chronic, Intensive Relief Topical Rubs will provide you the pain relief you seek instantly. This relief rub is formulated odor-free, greaseless and is easily absorbed by the skin upon application. This means that when it is applied, it will penetrate through the skin fast and goes to work directly on the affected joint and muscle tissue underneath. You will also notice a pleasant scent instead of a strong balm odor and no greasiness upon application. The rubs contain CBD oil enriched with various Terpenes and other compounds. They are all mixed with our special formulation to give you a powerful relief rub cream which when applied, will work rapidly and intensely upon the areas of pain. This gives you pain relief when you are active during the day and long-lasting pain relief when you go to sleep at night. Intensive Relief Topical Rub (500 mg) comes in 5 times the strength of CBD and other organic ingredients. We source our CBD for the Intensive Relief Topical Rub from Industrial Hemp that is high-quality, organic-certified and non-GMO. Hemp oils contained within are also high quality and have no THC added.

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