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CBD Topical Cream 40mg - Radiation Relief

(40mg Pure Hemp Cbd Oil Radiation Relief Topical Cream 60ml)

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Radiation therapy uses high doses of radiation to shrink tumors and kill cancer cells. As a side effect, this causes your skin to get inflammation and dermal burns. With the Radiation Relief Topical cream, you can experience complete relief from inflammation, redness and dermal burns caused by Radiation therapy. This rub is specially made to be used on these side effects to help ease the pain, inflammation, itching and burning sensations from the dermal burns caused by Radiation therapy. The cream is free of strong odor and is non-greasy. Instead, it comes in a mild, pleasant scent and with a smooth, light consistency. It has the marvelous strength of CBD and other vital ingredients. It is very effective and gives incredible results. For best results, apply on your skin after radiation treatment. You will see that it immediately soothes and heals your skin. Radiation Relief Topical Cream (40mg) comes with the standard strength of CBD and other vital ingredients. The CBD we source for the Radiation Relief Topical cream is extracted from Industrial Hemp which is certified organic, non-GMO and of high-quality. This rub contains Hemp extracted Pure CBD Oil in a Full spectrum blend and it contains no THC added to it.