CBD 150mg Intensive Relief Topical Rub

(150mg Pure Hemp Cbd Extract Intensive Relief Topical Rub 60ml)

(18 customer reviews)

Intensive Relief Topical Rub will have you experience fast relief from pains which are mild to pains which are more intense. As you apply the cream, it penetrates the skin and works rapidly in the areas of pain. This rub comes with CBD oil and assorted Terpenes, concocted with an easy-absorption formula. It permeates your skin and acts directly on the joint and muscle tissue. The ingredients are mixed in a unique blend to bring you a powerful relief rub which provides soothing relief on your areas of pain. The rub will not feel greasy and does not have a strong smell. It is odor-free and greaseless. When applied, it has a pleasant scent and it will not leave any sort of oily residue upon use. As the rub works actively, long-lasting relief during the day when active and long-lasting relief at night with complete restfulness are a given. Intensive Relief Topical Rub (150 mg) comes in 4 times the strength of CBD combined with other natural ingredients. Intensive Relief Topical Rub uses CBD sourced from high-quality, non-GMO Industrial Hemp. Even the hemp oils that go into the products are Full spectrum and do not contain any THC in them.

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