CBD Pain Relief Roll On Gel 100mg

(Cbd 100mg Pain Relief Roll On Gel 90ml)

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The Pain Relief roll-on gel moves fast the pain relief range as it is a compact, easy to carry pain relief solution. These roll-on gels come in small bottles with roll-on tops making them an ideal pick for easy, anytime application. The bottle is palm-sized so it can be carried anywhere and can be used whenever needed. It is mostly used on acute pains brought on by headaches but it can also serve as a portable solution for eliminating chronic pains such as sore muscles and aching joints. Its unique gel formula combined with the goodness of CBD can ease pains in your head and neck areas instantly and brings a sense of calm and relaxation. For best results, apply it on your forehead, temples and at the back of your neck as needed. Apply as needed on the arms, legs, shoulder, back and neck areas. Just a small amount of roll-on provides for lasting, targeted relief and will leave you feeling refreshed. CBD used in the Roll-on gel is certified organic and non-GMO, and is made with high quality Industrial Hemp. This pain relief roll on gel contains Full spectrum blend hemp oil and it contains no THC.

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