Oral Spray Natural Hemp Derived Cbd For Sleep Support

(180mg Large Oral Spray Natural Hemp Derived Cbd For Sleep Support)

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Melatonin is a sleep-promoting hormone occurring in the body. Unfortunately, artificial light from sources such as computers, phone screens and artificial indoor lighting can disturb the release and levels of Melatonin in our bodies. This causes insufficient sleep and leads to severe sleep disorders like insomnia. Kiss sleep troubles good night with the C For CBD Sleep support spray. It has a special blend of CBD and melatonin-stimulating compounds, which help with sleeplessness by restoring better sleeping patterns and giving you restful sleep. Since it is orally administered, the effects of CBD will work quicker. It can be sprayed under your tongue before swallowing. CBD will be absorbed directly into your bloodstream by means of capillary-rich areas underneath the tongue, along the gums and cheek. This way, it avoids first-pass metabolism and is spread throughout your body. C For CBD Sleep Support Oral Spray is your go-to companion for waking up every single day feeling well rested and refreshed. C For CBD sources its CBD spray ingredients from organic-certified, non-GMO, high-quality Industrial Hemp. Our Oral Spray For Sleep Support is made with Phytocannabinoid-rich blend hemp oil (PCR Hemp oil) and is 100% all-natural. All CBD sprays are vegan, gluten free and contain no THC.

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