CBD Hemp Oil - 1000mg Full Spectrum Herbal Drops

(1000mg Full Spectrum Herbal Drops 30ml)

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Cannabis and hemp have been around us for many years. Both are having their own unique and valuable medicinal benefits. Differentiating them can be quite confusing, but can make it simple. Cannabis and hemp both have CBD and THC concentration. Cannabis has more than 0.3% THC level but Hemp contains only a trace amount (less than 0.3%) of THC. Many products are made using hemp and cannabis for medical purposes such as oil, lotion, capsules, etc. But hemp extracted products are widely used now as people are opting for hemp derived products more as it is legal in all states and it has no known side effects. Concerning this, we are offering hemp derived CBD oil to our customers which can help them get relief many health ailments. Our Hemp oil is made of full spectrum blend of CBD due to which it can be taken as a dietary supplement in your life. As it contains low THC level, it will not give you any psychoactive effect or make you high. Its active component is phytocannabinnoid rich hemp oil extracted from the hemp plant. You can get our product at in a 1,000 mg container which has a quantity of 1oz/30ml.

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