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Cbd For Tension Headaches

CBD for Tension Headaches

The term CBD is evolving around the internet for several reasons. When we searched about this, we came to know that it can help deal with tension headaches, but we were not sure about it.

As a result, we did thorough research on this, and our findings are in this blog.

If you’re interested to know – is it good to use CBD for tension headaches, then please read this blog.

Let’s start.

What is a Tension Headache?

This is a very common form of headache. People suffering from this headache may experience mild, intense, or moderate pain in the neck and head and behind the eyes.

Many patients of this condition experience episodic headaches.

This health problem has two categories, which we are going to mention in our next subheading.

Please go through it.

Types of Tension Headaches

There are two types – Chronic and Episodic.

Chronic: This type lasts for hours, and can be constant. It means if you’re suffering from headaches for 15 days or more, or a minimum of three months, then you have a chronic tension headache.

Episodic: This type can last from 30 minutes to a week. Some people may suffer this frequently. However, a frequent episodic tension headache can lead to a chronic type.


Symptoms of Tension Headaches

Here are the common symptoms of this mental health condition:

1. Irritability

2. Pain in the muscles

3. Difficulty in sleeping

4. Mild to moderate pain in the top, sides, or front of the head

5. Pressure (mild to moderate) in the sides, front, or top of the head

6. Problem in concentrating

7. Mild sensitivity to noise or light

8. Tiredness


Causes of Tension Headaches

This health condition occurs due to the contraction of muscles in the neck, as well as head portions. The reasons behind this contractions are:

1. Stressors

2. Foods

3. Activities

Apart from these, some people suffer from this health problem after staring at the computer for an extended time. Not only this, but people can also have this condition after driving for a long time.

In addition to all these, there are some other factors, which can result in this mental health condition.

They are as follows:

1. Emotional stress

2. Alcohol consumption

3. Smoking

4. Insufficient sleep

5. Fatigue

6. Strain in the eyes

7. Consuming a high amount of caffeine

8. Avoiding meals

9. Flu

10. Lack of water consumption


Till here, we have discussed the disease. Now, let’s move onto the treatment part.

How to Get Rid of Tension Headaches?

When it comes to treating this health condition, some people prefer certain medications, whereas some folks don’t use any medicine and try to cure it on their own.

For treating this problem, there are many home remedies, as well. Not only this, but even certain changes in lifestyle can also help manage this problem.

In fact, it’s up to the patient, what they choose for their problem.

Though there are many ways to get rid of this condition, here we’re concentrating on CBD for tension headaches.

How Can CBD Be Useful for People With Tension Headaches?

CBD, also famous as cannabidiol, is a substance found in the plant cannabis. Though it’s in the cannabis (marijuana) plant, it does not produce a high feeling. This is because it doesn’t contain the strains of THC, a psychoactive compound of the same plant.

As per certain studies, cannabidiol can affect the way your body responds to pain, as well as tension. It does this by interacting with the ECS (endocannabinoid system) of the body. This system tends to be the body’s regulatory system liable for proper body functioning. The receptors present in this system sends signals to the brain, which control the way your body responds to stimuli.

Now, when you use cannabidiol, your body stimulates the receptors, which can mediate and regulate the way how your body interprets pain. Pain is one of the main side effects of this health problem, and CBD can play a vital role in alleviating the sensation of pain. Not only this, but cannabidiol can also promote immune response, overall well-being, and healthy mood.

In fact, all these are the reasons why it is thought that CBD can be useful for people with tension headaches.

Now, you might got an idea about cannabidiol’s role in managing this problem, and as a result, you want to use this as you also suffer this health condition sometimes.

In this situation, two questions may strike in your mind – how to use this and how much to use.

Isn’t it?

Yes or No.

If no, then okay, but if yes, then read the following two subheadings. This is because they both consist of the answers to these two questions.


How to Make Use of CBD?

If you want to use this, then you can do it easily without much effort. It’s because CBD is available in multiple forms.

Some of them are:

1. Lotions

2. Serums

3. Rubs

4. Creams

5. Pure CBD Oil

6. Capsules


How Much Should You Intake?

These products doesn’t have any specific dosing level for any health condition. The reason for this is that the dosing level can’t be the same for all the people. It’s because age, gender, weight, etc. are not the same for all.

Therefore, consume low dosage first and understand how it reacts with your body. If it responds positively, then you can consume it regularly, and if needed, you can raise the dosage until you find satisfaction.

On the other hand, whenever you decide to try these products, make sure that you’ve discussed with your physician before using it. In our opinion, this could be a right decision because it helps you avoid unwanted drug-to-drug interactions.

We hope that whatever we discussed until here is clear to you in every aspect. The only thing that we left to consider is about the legitimacy of this compound. This we’re covering under our very next subheading.

Find Out the Legitimacy of CBD

The acceptability of this component depends strictly on its origin. Hemp-extracted CBD is legal, whereas marijuana-extracted cannabidiol is illegal. This is for the reason that hemp-extracted one contains only less than .3 percent concentration of THC content, whereas the other one contains a very high level of THC content.

Moreover, as per the Farm Bill of the year 2018, hemp plant cultivation is not an illegal process. It’s because this plant contains a very low concentration of THC strains, and as a result, people will not feel euphoria with this.

On the other hand, whatever may be the scenario, please check your state law on this component before buying it.

Finally, let’s conclude this blog with a conclusion as all the details regarding the topic have been discussed here.


CBD tends to be a natural compound, and as per some experts, this can be a potent option to manage tension headaches.

However, it’s your health, so the decision should be yours. Think well and choose – either any of the cannabidiol-infused products or some other treatments.

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