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CBD For Parkinsons Disease

CBD for Parkinsons Disease

When it comes to making use of CBD for Parkinson’s, there is a lack of studies. However, still we researched from our end and what all findings we got from our research is in this blog.

Please have an in-depth look and find out whether this compound is good for PD sufferers or not.

We’re beginning with the disorder.

What is Parkinson’s?

It is a progressive nervous system disease, which shows its impact on the movement. Usually, the symptoms of this disease start slowly.

Tremors are the common sign of this disease, but along with this, it also causes slowing or stiffness of the movement.

Not only these, but this disorder has other symptoms as well. Those symptoms we’re going to cover in our next subtopic.

Symptoms of Parkinson’s

In this disease, some folks notice a feeling of weakness, stiffness in the muscle, as well as difficulty in walking. However, some people might notice a tremor of the hand or head.

Whatever may be the symptoms, it will worsen slowly as this is a progressive disorder.

The most common symptoms of this health problem are:

1. Stiff muscles: People with this health condition may experience stiffness in the muscle in any part of the body. This can be painful, and as a result, there will be a limitation in your range of gestures.

2. Changes in writing: You may find difficulty in writing, and your writing may look small.

3. Tremor: If you’re having this health problem, then you will experience a tremor or shaking, which normally starts in a limb. Tremor usually occurs in a hand or finger.

4. Weakened balance and posture: You may experience balance problems, or your posture might become stooped.

5. Changes in speech: If you have this medical condition, then you might speak quickly, softly, or hesitate to start the speech.

6. Slow movement: As time goes on, this disorder might slow down your movement. This will result in making simple tasks more difficult and time-consuming.

7. A problem in automatic movements: In this situation, you might have a reduced capability to perform unconscious movements when you walk. This includes smiling, swinging your arms, blinking, etc.


Let’s discuss the origin of this disease.

Causes of Parkinson’s

Unfortunately, the cause of this progressive condition is unknown. According to certain scientists, viruses can cause this. Along with this, there is also a belief that it can cause due to a combination of environmental, as well as genetic components.

Lewy bodies (abnormal proteins) can also result in this disorder as these proteins were present in the brains of Parkinson’s sufferers.

Though scientists don’t know the cause of this problem, they identified a group of folks who has a high risk of having this problem.

These include:

1. Genetic: The risk of this disorder will be high in you if any of your family members have or had this problem.

2. Injury in the head: If you experienced head injuries, then you’re more likely to suffer this condition.

3. Gender: As per some studies, as compared to women, this disease is more likely to develop in women.

4. Toxins: Being exposed to some kind of toxins can increase the danger of this progressive condition.

5. Race: As compared to Asians or African Americans, the threat of having this problem is high in white people.

6. Age: This disease occurs typically between the age group - 50 and 60. Sometimes rarely in 5 – 10 percent of cases, this disease appears in the people below 40 years of age.

After symptoms and causes, the next important thing that we’re going to cover here is the treatment.

How to Treat Parkinson’s?

When the scenario comes to treat this health problem, the treatment consists of a combination of therapies, medications, and changes in lifestyle.

If you look into the medication part, there are a number of drugs available for treating this disorder.

Though this is the scenario, as our blog title indicates, here we’re going to provide you with the information on CBD for Parkinson’s.

Does CBD Helpful for the Parkinson’s Sufferers?

CBD or cannabidiol tends to be a substance that occurs naturally in the plant, namely cannabis. However, it can also come from the derivatives of hemp plants. This component doesn’t contain the psychic properties associated with the THC (another substance in the same cannabis plant).

When it comes to cannabidiol for this health disorder, studies are very few. On the other hand, certain studies show that this component can produce some positive effects, mainly in the case of non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s. These symptoms include anxiety, sleep issues, and depression.

Along with these, some studies have shown it can be beneficial for managing the following symptoms as well.


This is one of the common signs of this health condition. According to a study, CBD can help ease the movements of muscles.


Normally, lacking quality sleep and other sleep problems are a serious concern for the sufferers of this disease. For example, they usually experience nightmares, or they perform some movements during sleep.

As per the research, cannabidiol might manage sleep problems, and as a result, the patients might enjoy quality sleep.


In a small study consisting of 22 people with this progressive disease, it’s found that cannabis can help improve the sensation of pain.

On the other hand, some animal studies have found that CBD alone can reduce inflammation, as well as pain in people living with PD.


It’s a possible problem associated with Parkinson’s. Almost 50% of the PD patients suffer this complication. This is common in the later stages and can cause delusions, hallucinations, and delirium.

According to a small study in the year 2009, cannabidiol could potentially lessen the psychotic symptoms allied with PD.


If you’ve read till here, then we expect that many may decide to give this compound a try. It can be for you or any of your closed ones.


If yes, then be sure that you are having knowledge of what all CBD products available, its legal status in your area, and things to consider to get a premium-quality CBD Product.

To have information about all these things, please go through the next three subtopics.

CBD-infused Products That Are Available Online and Offline

Here they are:


• Creams


• Rubs


Legal Status of CBD

Its legal status will vary depending on its source. Hemp-extracted CBD is legitimate everywhere in the U.S., but marijuana-derived is not. This is because marijuana comes in the schedule I drug list (list of drugs that are dangerous to use), but hemp is not on that list.

Moreover, as per the Agricultural act of the year 2018, cultivating hemp is considered to be legal in the U.S. It’s because this plant contains very little concentration of THC (less than 0.3%). This, as a result, can't make the user feel high.

How to Get a Premium Quality CBD-product?

To get a premium quality cannabidiol product, you must take care of certain things.

They are:

• Do thorough research and select the best and trustworthy seller

• Must ask for third-party lab reports

• Check the ingredients to know whether it’s hemp-derived cannabidiol product or not

• Check whether it is free from THC or not

Now, as we believe that we’ve covered almost all the information concerning the usage of cannabidiol for managing this progressive health problem, we’re concluding this blog.


CBD may be useful for managing PD, but the studies are minimal. If you suffer from this disorder, then it’s up to you - which medication to use.

We don’t force anyone to try CBD if you want you can try this. Trying out this compound is completely depends on you.

For more info, contact us.

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