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CBD For Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

CBD for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Are you thinking why people prefer using CBD for OCD? If yes, then go ahead by reading the complete article.

You’ll surely get a solution to your question.

So, let’s start.

What is OCD?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a mental health problem in which the people get obsessive and unreasonable thoughts that can result in repetitive behaviors (compulsion). These obsessive and compulsive thoughts can disturb the daily activity and can cause distress.

The OCD often revolve around certain things. For example, a fear of getting attacked by the germs. To ease your fear, you may often compulsively wash your hands.


What are the Various Types of OCD?

There are different types of OCD, which includes:

• Checking: A continuous urge to keep checking the alarms, leaks, damage, etc.

• Contamination fears: In this type of disorder, a person has a constant fear of being affected by the germs.

• Hoarding: In this type, folks are unable to throw away used or unnecessary possessions.

• Rumination: In this type of OCD, folks focus more on ethical topics such as what happens after death or how the universe began.

• Intrusive thoughts: These are often violent, obsessional thoughts that involve hurting a loved one.

• Symmetry and orderliness: A person with OCD may have an obsession with placing the order in a particular format.

Next, let us see the symptoms of this disorder.

What Are The Symptoms of this Disorder?

OCD usually includes both obsessions and compulsions. However, it is possible to experience only obsession or only compulsion symptoms.

A person suffering from OCD may experience common symptoms such as:

• Continuous thoughts, images, or urges that are uncontrollable

• Uncomfortable feeling such as fear, disgust, doubt, or a constant feeling that things should be just in the right way

• Spending an excessive amount of time in the obsession, which can interfere with personal, social, and professional activities

Now, let us know the symptoms of obsession and compulsion separately.


Obsession is above normal worries that any person could experience. It is a repeated, persistent, and unwanted thoughts, urges that can cause fear and anxiety.

Obsessive thoughts can include:

• Fear of germs or getting dirty

• Worries about getting hurt

• Need to place the things in an exact order

• A belief that certain numbers or colors are good or bad

• Constantly conscious about blinking, breathing, or any other body sensation


Compulsive is something that you repeatedly keep doing it.

Some of the common compulsive practices are:

• Frequently washing hands

• Doing things in a certain order

• Repeatedly checking on a locked door, lights, etc.

• Have a habit of counting on things

• Placing items in a certain order

• Constant fear of touching doorknobs, public toilets, or shaking hands.

Next, let us know about the origins of this disorder.

What are the Causes of This Disorder?

The exact origin of this health condition is still unfound. However, according to scientists, some of the possible causes of this disorder are:

• Biology: OCD may be due to certain changes in natural chemistry or brain functions.

• Genetics: This disorder can be due to genetic components, but the specific genes are still unidentified.

• Environment: Some of the environmental factors such as infections can trigger this disorder, but more researches are necessary to confirm this.

After knowing all the important things about this disorder, folks must be curious to know the treatment available for this health condition.

How to Treat This Disorder?

An obsessive-compulsive disorder does not have a cure, but it can help in controlling the severity of the symptoms so that they don’t disturb your life completely.

You can treat obsessive-compulsive disorder with various medications, but if you want a natural therapy for treating this disorder, then CBD can be the best option.

However, before talking about how this compound may help treating your health condition, let us know about CBD.

Know What CBD Is?

CBD (cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid from the cannabis plant that can be helpful for treating some health conditions. This natural compound shows its effect on the body by interacting with the receptors that are available in the endocannabinoid system.

This interaction may help in regulating normal body functioning, which includes memory, pain, mood, inflammation, etc.

Now, let us have a much clear understanding of how this compound is helpful in treating this particular health problem.

Does CBD Really Help In treating OCD?

There are several studies and researchers, which say that cannabidiol may possess many medicinal and therapeutic qualities that may help in treating the symptoms of this disorder.

The properties that can help in treating this problem are:

1. Anxiolytic: CBD may be helpful in treating depression, insomnia, etc. The regular use of CBD may be beneficial for treating anxiety, panic attacks, and other social anxiety disorder.

2. Anti-Epileptic: Because of this property, CBD may help in reducing the severity of obsessive and compulsive activities in children, adults, and even pets.

3. Antipsychotic: This compound can be effective in reducing the symptoms of chronic conditions such as schizophrenia, manic depression, and bipolar disorder.

Several scientists say that CBD can be beneficial in treating the symptoms of this mental disorder. Thus, to have a closer look at how this compound can be helpful, let us see what researchers think about this.

What Do Scientists Think About This Medication?

A 2015 neurotherapeutics study by Esther Blessing and Maria Steenkamp says that this compound may have had helped many people in dealing with the symptoms of this disorder.

According to a recent study, 79.2% of patients reported that the regular usage of CBD could be an effective treatment for managing the symptoms.


If you have understood the complete information on how CBD can be beneficial in treating this disorder, then you must be curious to know the ways available to use this compound.

Therefore, our next topic is on this.

Get an Idea on How to Use CBD

Unlike other regular medicines, CBD does not have any particular method to use the daily dosage of CBD.

There are numerous methods available in which you can incorporate the daily dosage of CBD for treating your disorder.

Some of the common methods are:

Oil and tincture: Both are similar products that you need to drop under your tongue.

• Edibles: You can add this compound to your daily food items. Or, if you want, you can prefer using CBD-infused capsules and gummies.

• Topical: Topical are products that you can apply directly on your upper layer of skin.

Now, if you are planning to use this compound, then you may definitely have a doubt regarding the dosage of this compound.


If yes, then don’t worry, just read our next topic. You’ll get an answer to this.

How to Choose a Suitable Dosage?

This is quite confusing because there is no fixed dosage available for treating any disorder. However, after a few intakes, you will be able to fix your dosage and improve your quality of life.

If you’re using for the first time, then we would suggest you to start with a very low dosage and track the changes in your body. If you feel a positive change, then you can continue this and, if required, gradually increase the dosing level till you find comfortable in your condition.

However, prior to consuming the product, you need to consult your doctor. To be sure about the compound, you need to do your own research as well.


Is There Any Legality Issue with Cannabidiol?

Yes, the legality of this compound depends solely on the place you live and the source of the compound.

According to the 2018 farm bill, industrial hemp plants become legal to use and cultivate across the 50 states of the U.S. This is because the hemp plant contains less than 0.3%THC content in it.

However, before you purchase any of the CBD Product, we would recommend you to check with your state law.

Closure Idea on This Topic

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a serious mental disorder in which the patient may experience distressing, obsessive, and repetitive thoughts, as well as compulsive habits. The conditions get worse if no treatment is done.

So, if you think that you are suffering from any of the above-mentioned symptoms, then you need to consult your doctor immediately.

We believe that this blog would help you to make a wise decision for yourself or your loved ones.

For additional details of this compound, contact our customer support team.

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