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CBD For Muscle Spasms

CBD for Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasms occur when your muscles contract and become stiff and heavy, which causes pain.

If you or any of your closed ones are suffering from this disorder, then using CBD for muscle spasms may prove to beneficial treatment. This is because nowadays the word CBD is booming when it coming to managing muscle spasms.

If you’re thinking why, then read the blog completely.

However, before that, it is crucial to know about this disorder.

What is a Muscle Spasm?

A muscle spasm or muscle spasticity is a sudden and involuntary shrinkage in one or more muscles of your body. Muscle cramps can cause due to many reasons, such as long periods of exercise, spinal cord injury, brain injury, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and multiple sclerosis (MS).


What are the Warning Signs of Muscle Spasms?

The muscle spasms can range from mild to painful. Your ability to do your everyday tasks can get affected if the spasm is very frequent. The signs and symptoms are:

• Muscle tightness

• Joint stiffness

• Involuntary jerky movements

• Unusual posture

• Back pain

• Abnormal positioning of wrist, arms, fingers, etc.

And much more.

What Causes Muscle Spasms?

The main cause of spasticity is the damage in the nerve pathway that can control muscle movement. It can be a symptom of a variety of condition and diseases, which includes:

• Brain injury

• Spinal cord injury

• Stroke

• Cerebral palsy

• Multiple Sclerosis

• phenylketonuria

• Krabbe disease

• Hereditary spastic paraplegias

Apart from all these, there are other few things that can cause muscle spasms; some of them are:

1. Inadequate blood supply: Narrowing of arteries can cause spasms. These spasms go away once you start exercising.

2. Nerve compression: Compression of nerve in your spine can cause this problem.

3. Mineral depletion: Inadequate amount of potassium, calcium, or magnesium in your regular diet can cause this health condition.


What Are The Risk Factors?

There are a few factors that can increase the risk of muscle spasms, which includes:

• Age: Old people lose muscle mass, thus the remaining muscle can get overstressed.

• Dehydration: Inadequate amounts of water can lead to dehydration.

• Pregnancy: Most of the pregnant women can experience muscle spasms.

• Medical conditions: People suffering from diabetes, or nerve, liver, or thyroid disorder are at higher risks of suffering this problem.


Natural Therapy for Muscle Spasms

The treatment for this health condition may differ for each person, depending on the underlying causes. You can usually treat your muscle cramps with self-care measures.

A combination of medical treatment and a few changes in the lifestyle may help you in treating the disorder.

However, as our blog title indicates, our main focus will be on why to use Pure CBD Oil for muscle spasms.

If you also have a desire of knowing this, then continue reading this.

First of all,

What Does CBD Mean?

Cannabidiol or CBD is a naturally occurring phytocannabinoid in the cannabis plant. This compound has gained popularity in the medical industry for a bunch of reasons. The extraction of the Pure CBD oil is possible from the leaves, flowers, bud, and stalks of the plant. This compound can be beneficial for providing various health benefits without making you feel high like THC.

THC is another active compound of the cannabis plant, which has the capacity to make you feel high and produce an intoxicating effect.

Now, let’s move on to our main subject.

How Can CBD Help Manage Muscle Spasms?

When you experience muscle contracts, chemical messengers originating from the central nervous system, reaches your muscles and force it to contract. When the regulation of endocannabinoids is less in the body, your muscles start to contract continuously. This is when CBD comes into role.

CBD can directly help in slowing down the flow of chemical messengers and also boost up the regulation of endocannabinoids in the body.

A few of the scientists believe that CBD possesses anti-inflammatory properties that can fight with the symptoms of various health conditions, which includes muscle spasms as well.

To get a clear idea of this, let us look at some of the past researches done regarding cannabidiol and muscle spasms.

Muscle Spasms and CBD- What Do Researchers Think?

According to a 1982 study, 21 out of 43 people with spinal cord injuries, reported that cannabidiol might help in reducing spasticity.

As per a 1997 study, it is found that the regular usage of cannabis provide relief from pain and spasticity in 112 patients.

According to a 2017 review by the Department of Veterans Affairs, 1:1 THC and CBD may help in reducing neuropathic pain.

There is another study that happened in the past, according to which 70% of patients reported 20% progress in their condition, and around 28 percent of patients experience 30 percent progress in their condition.

Now, by reading till this, you must have got an idea of why CBD is becoming a preferable option for this health condition.

Next, let us understand the legal status of cannabidiol, which is an important thing that everyone should know before buying any CBD-infused product.

What is the Legal Status of Cannabidiol?

The legality of the cannabidiol may vary depending on the place you live and the amount of THC content in it. Hemp-extracted CBD is legal to use because as per the 2018 farm bill, hemp plant become legal to cultivate and use in all the 50 states of the U.S. This is mainly because it contains less than 0.3%THC in it.


If there is no legal issue in your state regarding this cannabinoid, and as a result, you are ready to give it a trial, then you will surely think – how to use this.

However, this question mainly arise in the people who are newbie to the CBD. Thus, with respect to this, we’re including it as our next subtopic.

Going through this will not only help the newbies, but also others who are not much aware of products that are cannabidiol-infused.

How to Use Cannabidiol?

In fact, CBD is available in many forms, and as a result, the patient is absolutely free to choose their ingesting method as per their lifestyle.

The multiple forms of CBD are:

  • Topical
  • Pure CBD Oil
  • Gummies
  • Roll-on
  • Spray
  • Capsule
  • And much more.

    Now, if you have got an idea about the intake option, the next question that you may ask is how much dosage will be right for treating muscle spasms.

    How Much Should You Dose?

    Sorry to say that till now, there is no reliable source available to conclude a standard dosage for treating this medical condition.

    Therefore, we would recommend you to begin with a small dose and adjust your dosage accordingly. This condition is applicable even if you’re suffering from or serious health condition. With this, you can track the reaction of your body towards cannabidiol. If you feel a promising response, then you can follow the dose and if you want, increase it gradually, till you find a relief from your health condition.

    However, before planning to consume CBD, kindly talk to a general practitioner.

    What Are The Side Effects Of This Compound?

    The majority of people don’t experience any adverse effects, but still, there is a possibility of experiencing some kind of mild side effects.

    Some of the possible side effects are:

    • Nausea

    • Vomiting

    • Diarrhea

    • Dizziness

    • Dry mouth

    These side effects may occur by the interaction of cannabidiol with certain medications. As per certain studies, this compound may have the tendency to interact with some medicines.

    Not only this, but the side effects may also occur due to high dosage of this compound.

    Final Takeaway

    A muscle spasm is an involuntarily and forcibly contraction of muscles that does not relax. Patients who experience spasticity suffer from muscular stiffness and may face difficulty in movements.

    As per the researches, cannabidiol can help manage the symptoms of this health problem.

    We hope by reading the article completely, you would have got an idea on this compound and how it can be helpful in dealing with this disorder.

    For any other additional info, get in touch with us.

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