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Cbd For Multiple Sclerosis

CBD for Multiple Sclerosis

Nowadays, the term CBD arises often in the medical industry. According to the research, this compound can be a worthy choice for managing a range of medical conditions, including multiple sclerosis.

Though this is the case, many might have a doubt about this. Therefore, here in this blog, we’ll be concentrating on the usage of CBD for multiple sclerosis.

Let’s begin our journey with the disease.

What is Multiple Sclerosis (MS)?

It’s a chronic disease, which affects the humans’ central nervous system. This includes mainly the brain, optic nerves, and spinal cord.

People suffering from this disease can experience several symptoms on the body.

By reading the above statement, you may want to know the symptoms of this disease.


If yes, then here it’s.

Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

The symptoms of this disorder may vary for every person. In this health condition, the signs often affect the movement.

It includes:

• Weakness or numbness in limbs (one or more), which occurs on one side of the body

• Coordination problem, tremor, or unsteady gait

• A feeling of electric-shock, which occur with some neck movements (It includes mainly bending the neck forward)

Symptoms of this disorder include even the vision problem, which includes:

• Blurry vision

• Complete or partial loss of vision (it occurs typically in one eye at a time and often occurs with pain during eye movement)

• Extended double vision

Along with all these symptoms, this disorder may also have some other symptoms. They are as follows:

• Dizziness

• Problems with bladder and bowel function

• Slurred speech

• Pain or tingling in the body parts

• Fatigue

Next, we’re going to give you a brief idea regarding the factors which lead to this health problem.

Causes of Multiple Sclerosis

When it comes to the cause of this health issue, even scientists don’t know the exact reason. However, there are several factors, which can increase the risk of this disease in you.

They are:

1. Gender: This disease is more likely to occur in women as compared to men.

2. Lack of Vitamin D: You may suffer this disease if you are less exposed to sunlight. This is because less exposure to sunlight can lead to the deficiency of vitamin D. According to some scientists, the lack of D vitamin can affect the way your immune system functions.

3. Smoking: If you smoke, then the risk of MS is high in you. It is because, as compared to the non-smokers, people who smoke will have more lesions, as well as brain shrinkage.

4. Age: This disorder can arise at any age, but people who are between the age group of 16 and 55 are more likely to suffer this.

5. Infections: The risk of this health problem may increase if you get contact with a virus, namely Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), or mononucleosis.

6. Genetic: If anyone of your parents or any sibling has or had this health condition, then the possibility of suffering this is high in you.

7. Lack of B12 Vitamin: It’s a fact that when the body produces myelin, it uses vitamin B. Thus, deficiency in vitamin B can upsurge the risk of MS.


By reading about the disease, its symptoms, and causes, we hope you understood everything about the disease.

Therefore, next, let’s move on to the treatment part.

How to Treat Multiple Sclerosis?

There is no cure for this health problem. As a result, its treatment focuses on the speedy recovery of the patients from attacks, managing the symptoms, and lessening the progression of the disorder.

There are certain medications for these processes, but here you will get an idea about CBD and how it can help manage MS.

Many may have an idea of this, but for those who don’t know anything about this, the upcoming subtopics will be an asset.

Let’s start.

Know what CBD is?

CBD tends to be an active cannabinoid of the plant cannabis, which is considered to have certain health benefits.

Many studies underwent on this, and according to those studies, this cannabinoid can turn out to be an asset for dealing with multiple problems associated with health. Moreover, scientists also said that this cannabinoid would not produce a euphoric feeling like THC in users.

THC is also an active cannabinoid of the same plant species, but it has the potential to make the user feel high.

As per some research, many people are reporting that CBD can manage the MS effectively.

Now, after reading the above wordings, some of you may have a desire to know how it can manage this disease.

By keeping this in mind, we’re considering this as our next subject for discussion.

Please have a look.

How CBD Can Help Manage Multiple Sclerosis

As per Dr. Ben Thrower, who is working as a physician at Shepherd Center in Atlanta, GA, MS patients are saying that full spectrum CBD products can be the best option for treating pain, as well as spasticity.

[Note: Shepherd Center is a medical center, which focusses in research and rehabilitation for folks suffering from disease like multiple sclerosis.]

According to Ben, many are considering hemp-derived CBD products with not more than 0.3 percent THC as an option for managing the symptoms of this health problem.

He also said that, though this is the scenario, studies don’t show any long-term benefit from the cannabinoid in this disease.

To have more clarity on this, let’s discuss what the studies are saying on this.

Research Point of View on CBD for MS

In the year 2016, some researches did a study on how “Sativex”, a pharmaceutical cannabinoid, can help lessen muscle spasms in folks living with MS.

As per the study, around 70% of the people who took this medication reported that they experienced a 20% improvement in their spasticity, and 28% of sufferers reported that they experienced a 30 percentage of improvement. Along with this, they also said that they experienced this after 1 month of using this drug.

In a research review in the year 2018, scientists analyzed some of the existing papers. This is basically for determining the indirect proof on whether the cannabinoids, including CBD, can aid the sufferers of MS in improving mobility or not.

The papers discuss how cannabis with a high CBD to THC ratio can reduce the pain, as well as muscle spasms in people living with this disease. Not only this, but the paper also discussed how it could reduce the severity of inflammation that can lead to fatigue.

As per the scientists, CBD can provide ease from several symptoms of multiple sclerosis. These symptoms include pain, spasticity, fatigue, depression, and inflammation. This, in turn, can result in the improvement of mobility.

This is the reason why it’s said that CBD can be helpful for people suffering from this health condition.


If you have read until here, then we believe that you would have understood why we focused on CBD for multiple sclerosis.

As a result, if you need to try this, then you must be aware that nowadays, many cannabidiol-infused products are there.

If you want to know about them, then here they are:

List of CBD-infused Products

Here it goes.






Next, when the discussion is about the cannabinoids of the cannabis plant, then legality is an important thing to talk over.

Therefore, on our next subheading, we’re discussing the legality of CBD.

What Is The Legal Status of CBD?

The legal status of this compound and its products fluctuates depending on its origin. If it’s from the derivatives of hemp, then it’s legitimate to use everywhere in the United States.

However, if the source of cannabidiol is marijuana, then it is illegal. Moreover, the marijuana-derived products come under the list of schedule I drugs (the drugs that are addictive and dangerous, according to U.S. DEA [Drug Enforcement Administration]).

Now, it’s time to conclude this blog, and as a result, here is the takeaway for you.


Multiple sclerosis is a type of chronic autoimmune disease that affects the spinal cord and brain of humans. Thus, it’s necessary to take proper medical care at the early stage itself.

Though we focused on CBD for this medical condition, it doesn’t mean that you should consider this only. You must prefer what you want, but before making a decision, do thorough research on it. Along with this, don’t forget to consult the medical practitioner, as well.

However, if you would like to try CBD, and as a result, you feel like you need more info on it, then feel free to call us.

We’ll try our level best to provide you with all the information that you need.

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