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CBD For Migraines

CBD for migraines

In today’s scenario, people prefer to opt for natural therapy for dealing migraine. If you also prefer using natural therapy then, you can try CBD for migraine.

Are you thinking why we mentioned CBD??

If yes, then read the blog and know more. However, let us begin by knowing about the disease and then we’ll move on to CBD part.


What is Migraine?

A migraine is a severe, throbbing, and painful headache, which can cause a sensory disturbance in the body. In this problem, the patient will usually feel pain on one side of the head.

The migraine attacks can be from moderate to severe, accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

It can cause due to various reasons, but before moving on to the reason, let us know about the types of migraines.

Types of Migraines

1. Migraine with aura: Patients suffering from this type of migraine tend to see and feel things that are actually not present.

2. Migraine without aura: In this type of disorder, you will actually not experience any type of clear symptoms.

3. Abdominal migraine: In this type, the ache will actually occur in your belly. Thus, as a result, you will actually experience cramps, nausea, etc.

4. Hemiplegic migraine: In this type, people will experience some kind of weakness on one side of the body. Sporadic and familial are two types of hemiplegic migraine.

5. Chronic migraine: In this form of migraine, the pain will last for at least 15 days.

6. Migraine with brainstem aura: In this, people will feel a disturbance in sensory, visual, or while communicating.

7. Menstrual migraine: This type of migraine occurs before 2 days of your menses and on the first three days of your menses.

To make yourself clear that you’re suffering from this problem, you must be aware of its symptoms.

To know it, read the next subtopic.

Symptoms of this Disorder

The symptoms of migraines can appear before, during, and after a headache. Some of the common symptoms are:

• Pain in one side of the head, ranging from mild to severe

• The pain increase during physical activity

• Difficulty in performing daily tasks

• Sick and vomiting

• Very sensitive to light and sound

And much more.

Know the Reason behind Migraine

The main reasons for causing this disorder can be genes and environment. A small alteration in the brain stream and its interaction with the terminal nerve can provoke the pain in the body.

There are a few particular things that can trigger your migraine, which includes:

o Hormonal changes: Alteration in estrogen occur during or after the menstruation cycle.

o Drinks: There are a few drinks, such as alcohol, wine, caffeine, etc., which can easily trigger migraine.

o Stress: Sometimes, any kind of stress can trigger this disorder.

o Sensory stimulation: Some strong sensory things such as bright light, the glare of the sun, the strong smell can be one of the reasons to cause this disorder.

o Sleep pattern: Modification in the sleep routine, awake for a long time, too much sleep can be the reason for this problem.

o Physical factors: Heavy workout, sexual activity are a common reasons to cause this disorder.

o Foods:A very cheesy, salty, and oily meal can trigger this disorder.

Apart from all these, there are other few factors that can cause this disorder. Let’s discuss that.

Other Possible Factors That Can Cause Migraine

There are other few factors that can affect this disorder which includes:

1. Family history: If any of your family member is suffering from this disorder, then there is a chance that you may also get affected by this disorder.

2. Age: This disorder can happen to anybody at any age. It gets severe during the 30’s and then slowly gets worst.

3. Sex: The migraine is more likely to affect women than men. Women are more prone to this disorder.

4. Hormonal imbalance: People who have this disorder will get a severe headache during pregnancy period.

Now, let us discuss the treatments available for this disorder.

Treatment Available for This Disorder

As of today, there is no standard medication available that will cure the disorder completely. However, today most people opt for natural therapy for treating migraine than prescription medications.

If you are also in search of an effective natural therapy for this problem, then CBD can be the best option for you.

Before moving on to reason why CBD can help manage this problem, let’s discuss first what it is.

What Does CBD Mean?

CBD is one of the important components of the cannabis plant. It is one among the 120 compounds that is present in the plant. The extraction of the CBD is possible from the both marijuana and hemp plants.

The CBD will show its effect on the body by interacting with the receptors that are present in the endocannabinoid system of the body.


How CBD Will Be Helpful In Dealing with This Disorder

To explain this, here we’re taking the help of some studies.

According to various studies,

• CBD may work by interacting with the cells that are available in the brain and nervous system.

• It can control the inflammation that occurs in the body every now and then.

• It may reduce the pain and other immune system responses.

• It can help in maintaining the level of anandamide that is present in the bloodstream, as it may help in lessening the level of severity of the symptoms.

Though we mentioned what some studies are stating about this, there are some more studies as well.

To put forward those studies in front of you, we included the sayings of researchers as our next subtopic in this blog.

What are the Researchers saying About This Medication?

According to a study in 2012, CBD products can be helpful in getting some relief from the pain. However, the study does not mention about the pain that are in association with the migraine.

The researchers of the 2009 survey came to the conclusion that cannabis compounds may help in treating chronic pain.

As per the Australian study in 2018, scientists did not find any improvement in the condition of the people who have consumed CBD for treating this disorder.

Another study happened in 2016, which got published in the pharmacotherapy, according to which the frequency of migraine can get reduced drastically with the use of cannabidiol.

Therefore, the outcome of the medication may differ for each person.


Whenever it comes to taking any medicine, most of the people search for its intake option, and this is applicable for CBD as well.

Ingesting options Available for CBD

The amazing fact about CBD is that the consumers are absolutely free to pick their ingesting option as per their comfort. This is because it is accessible in several forms.

This includes:

• Add the Pure CBD Oil in your daily food item

• Consume like a regular capsule

• Application of product over the skin

• Oil drops under your tongue

• Consume it like gummies

Out of all the options, most of the people prefer using CBD oil, because it shows the effect instantly.

After the intake methods, let’s discuss the other important think- Dosage.

What is the Approximate Dosage to Consume?

This is a complex question to answer because there is no standard dosage available as per the FDA rules. The approximate dosage to consume depends on various factors such as weight, liver condition of the individual, sex of that person, lifestyle, and disease that the individual is suffering from.

The effect of the product may vary for each individual. According to the effect, the individual needs to alter the dosage amount. However, we also recommend our customers to begin with a small dosage and then gradually increase the dosage.

Moreover, it also necessary to consult your medical practitioner before consuming any of the cannabidiol-infused products.


Some people may have a doubt saying that, whether CBD will make them feel high or not. If you also have this same question, in your mind, then read our next topic.

Will CBD Products Make You Feel High?

This is the most common question that folks may have in their minds because this compound is from the cannabis plant.

The cannabis plant has two important compounds, namely CBD and THC. Both compounds have the potential of dealing with certain medical problems, but THC is a component that can make the user feel high, whereas CBD will not make the user feel high.

Though it’s a fact that cannabidiol will not produce a high feeling, many may have a fear of side effects that this compound can cause.

Therefore, let’s discuss the side effects, which can occur due to this compound.

Potential Side Effects of This Medication

Just like any natural medicine, this compound can also cause potential side effects. Some of the common side effects are:

• Dizziness

• Dry mouth

• Diarrhea

• Drowsiness

• Chronic cough

These negative effects can cause either due to heavy dosage or due to the usage of any other medication. Therefore, don’t overdose it and before having your CBD products, consult your medical practitioner.

Final Takeaway on This Topic

Migraine is a powerful and painful headache that often accompanies with nausea, vomiting, etc. The pain can last for around 4 hours to 3 days and sometimes for a weak also.

If you or any of your close ones are suffering from this disorder, then immediately take instant medical care. It’s up to you – either you can opt prescription medicines or CBD.

We hope that you would have got a clear idea about this natural medication. However, if you have any doubts about this topic, then contact our customer team and know more.

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