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Cbd For Glaucoma

CBD for Glaucoma

Glaucoma is an eye problem in which the fluid pressure will increase in the eye. It is a condition that can cause damage to your optic nerve of the eye and gets worse gradually.

Many medications are accessible for treating this health condition, but in this article, we are aiming only on CBD.

Read the full blog and know whether using CBD for glaucoma will treat or make your condition worse. This article may help you to make the right decision.

Before you get to know about how this compound is helpful or not, you must know about the disorder first.

What is Glaucoma?

This tends to be a health condition occurs within the eye. It causes damage to the nerve. In this disorder, the internal fluid gets exhausted via the trabecular meshwork. When the overproduction of the fluid starts getting collected, the pressure increases.

This disorder gets worse over time, which can lead to permanent vision loss. This health condition is most commonly seen in older adults.


What Are The Types Of Glaucoma?

This health condition is of various forms, such as:

1. Open-angle glaucoma: It is the most popular type of disorder. In this type of disorder, the drain structure looks normal, but the flow of liquid will not be normal.

2. Angle-closure glaucoma: This type of problem comes all of a sudden. Here, your eyesight fluid doesn’t drain because the drain area between the iris and cornea gets narrow.

3. Pigmentary glaucoma: This type attacks you at an early stage of your adulthood.

4. Low-tension glaucoma: In this, the optic nerve gets damaged when you experience any abnormal pressure.

To ensure that you are suffering from this disorder, you need to know the symptoms of glaucoma.

Therefore, let’s discuss the same in the next subtopic.

What are the Symptoms of This Disorder?

Different individuals may experience different symptoms depending on the types and stages of the disorder. Sometimes, the patients may not experience any symptoms at all. For pigmentary and low-tension glaucoma, the symptoms are still unfound.

However, here we are trying to present the symptoms only for open and closed-angle glaucoma.

The symptoms for open-angle glaucoma are:

• Tunnel vision

• Peripheral vision gets lost

Symptoms of closed-angle glaucoma are:

• Severe eye pain

• Blurry vision

• Nausea and vomiting

• Red-eye

• A sudden issue in the vision

Next, let us move on to understand what causes this disorder.

What Is The Origin Of This Disorder?

Specialists are unsure about the exact cause of this disorder. However, the doctors divide them into two categories.

Primary glaucoma- This is no particular reason to cause the disorder.

Secondary glaucoma- The reason to cause this disorder is a tumor, diabetes, cataract, or inflammation.

As there is no specific reason to cause this disorder, it is important to know about the factors that can lead to this eye problem.

Some of the common risk factors are:

• Age (Older people)

• Environment

• Diabetes

• Hypothyroidism

• Past eye injury

• Eye surgery

• Myopia

• Genetic

• Continues pressure on the eye

Curative Option for Glaucoma

The treatment of glaucoma is not a difficult task if you start the treatment process at the starting stage. All the treatment options are for decreasing the eye pressure by lessening the production of the fluid.

If in case you feel that you or your close ones are suffering from this disorder, then it is important to get treated at the starting stage itself.

Many prescribed medications like eye drops, surgery are accessible, but here our focus is only on one natural compound, namely CBD, for handling this disease.

Are you thinking what CBD is?

If yes, then this article will provide a complete guide on this component.

What CBD Stands For?

After a bunch of studies and clinical trials, there are few ophthalmologists who may suggest that using cannabidiol can be beneficial for treating this health condition.

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the chemical components that are available in the cannabis plant. It is a non-intoxicating and non-psychoactive component, which does not have the capacity to induce a high feeling in the body. Moreover, this compound is popular among the folks because of its therapeutic potential.

After getting some knowledge about this compound, let us move on to understand its role in treating glaucoma. Many sufferers might be curious to know.

Thus, our next topic is on this.

CBD benefits For Glaucoma

There are several studies, which show that CBD may have therapeutic properties that may be beneficial for treating this eye problem.

According to some studies, this medication may possess anti-inflammatory properties that can provide relief from the symptoms of this health problem.

The anti-nausea and analgesic properties are the main reason why CBD can be an effective option for treating your health disorder. This medication may help in treating the irritation that may happen in the eye.


What Researchers Think About This Medication?

Few of the Scientists at the Indian University started to do research on this medication for treating this disorder. They began to do research on both THC and CBD and wanted to know which cannabinoid has a better effect on the eye.

They started their experiment by applying the combination formulation on both THC and CBD. The formulation was able to trigger the eye pressure with the help of cannabinoid receptors.

When the experiment was done only with CBD, as per the researchers, the CB1 receptors, which are present in the endocannabinoid system, helped in bringing down the eye pressure.


Which Ingesting Methods to Use?

There are several options, such as tincture, Pure CBD Oil,capsule, salve, cream, etc. for using this compound. However, when it comes to using the compound, it is necessary to choose the ingesting option carefully.

This is because the wrong consumption method can make your condition worse. For example, the vaping causes unsteady intraocular pressure; as a result, you may lose your vision completely.

Moreover, it is necessary to consult your ophthalmologist before using any of the cannabidiol-sourced products. Scientists say that CBD drops can be the most effective method for using cannabidiol.

After choosing the right ingesting option, it is essential to choose the optimal dosage for dealing with this health disorder.

Considering this, our next topic is on dosage.

How Much Should You Use For Best Effect?

This is a hard query to reply because, as per the FDA, cannabidiol products have no particular dosage for any disorder.

However, to get an effective result, it is necessary, to begin with, a small amount and then slowly increase the drops till you get some relief. Moreover, before you begin your regular dosage, kindly consult your doctor.

Though it is crucial to check your doctor, it also necessary to do your own research on this.

Like many folks, if you have any doubt regarding the legality of the compound, then go ahead by reading our next topic.

Legality Associated With This Cannabinoid

The legality of cannabidiol is a puzzlingly question to respond to. This is because it solely depends on the source of this compound and the state where you reside in.

As of now, only hemp-derived CBD is legal to use in all the 50 states of the U.S, because it contains a minimal amount of THC content in it, which is scientifically not enough to produce any psychoactive effect on the body.

However, we recommend you to check your state law prior to purchasing any of the CBD-infused products.

Closure Idea

Glaucoma is a dangerous eye disorder, so it is necessary to treat the disorder at the right time. However, currently, there is no cure available for treating this disorder. The treatments are only for controlling the symptoms from getting worse.

We believe that you must be clear on the topic that we have covered in this article. Now, the choice is yours – CBD or other drugs.

If you need any extra info on this topic, then get in touch with our customer support team.

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