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Cbd For Cystic Fibrosis

CBD for Cystic Fibrosis

Is it right to use CBD for cystic fibrosis? This is the question that most folks may get in their minds by reading the heading.

If you’re one among them, then reading this blog until the end will help you get the answer.

Before looking at the curative option for treating this disorder, let us know about this disorder in detail.

What is Cystic Fibrosis?

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a genetic ailment that can cause damage in various body parts such as lungs, digestive system, etc. The body starts producing a thick and sticky mucus that gets collected in the lungs and pancreas.

The thick mucus is difficult to cough out from the lungs. Thus, this makes breathing difficult and lead to lung infection.

The mucus collection interferes with the function of the pancreas and prevents the enzymes from breaking down the food. Thus, this whole problem may result in mal-nutrient.


What are the Symptoms of This Disorder?

The symptoms of CF may vary for each person, depending on the severity of the disease. Some people may not experience any symptoms till adolescence, but slowly the conditions get worst.

Some of the common symptoms of this disorder are:

• Salty-tasting skin

• Continuous cough

• Unable to breath

• Wheezing

• Poor body weight

• Greasy and bulky stools

• Flesh growth found in the nose

Cystic fibrosis can increase the risk of lung infection, like bronchitis and pneumonia.


What is the Origin of This Disorder?

Family history: CF is an inherited disorder that might be hereditary from both the parents or from either parent. The defective gene consists of proteins that control the flow of substances outside the organ.

Race: Cystic fibrosis can happen to anyone, but it is most commonly found in white people from the northern European country.

These are the two main causes of this disorder. However, apart from these, there are certain complications that come along with this disorder.

Let us know about these complications in our next topic.

Complications Associated with This Disorder

There is a certain complication that comes along with this disorder. These complications can be respiratory, digestive, and reproductive.

Some of the common complications are:

• Damaged airways

• Chronic infection

• Unwanted growth of flesh in the nose

• Coughing up blood

• Pneumothorax

• Respiratory failure

• Nutritional deficiency

• Diabetes

• Blockage in duct

• Thinning of bones

• Intestinal obstruction

Now, after understanding the important things about this disorder, let us take this topic one step ahead and discuss the treatment.

Therefore, our next subtopic is about the treatment option available for treating this health condition.

Curative Option for This Disorder

Currently, there is no cure found for treating this disorder completely. However, the appropriate treatment option can only manage the symptoms and improve the condition of the patient to a great extent.

Some of the common treatment options are:

• Antibiotics

• Anti-inflammatory

• Airway clearance

• Implanted device

• CFTR modulators

These are a bunch of therapeutic options available for treating this disorder. However, in this article, we will focus only on trending natural compound, namely CBD and its role in managing the symptoms of this disorder.

Therefore, to understand what exactly is this and how this compound can help in managing the symptoms of this disorder, read on.


What Does CBD Stand For?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a popular cannabinoid that is present in the cannabis plant. The extraction of this compound is done from the marijuana, as well as hemp. Both marijuana and hemp plants belong to the same cannabis family, but it differs in some aspects. The main difference between both plants is the level of THC content. In hemp, the concentration of THC is less, whereas in marijuana, the concentration of THS is high.

THC is another main active compound of the cannabis plant, which has the capacity to produce a psychoactive effect on the body.

However, as we mentioned above, in this article, we will focus only on CBD and why this compound for CF.


How Can CBD Manage Cystic Fibrosis?

According to the scientist, CBD-infused products may have the potential of dealing with the symptoms of this disorder.

Here’s the reasons why the scientists believe like this.

Chronic pain: Cannabidiol may directly interact with the receptors that are present in the brain and spinal cord to lessen the chronic and acute pain, which is one of the symptoms of CF.

Coughing: This compound activates in the receptors that are present in the brain, which could potentially lessen the irritation and coughing.

Loss of appetite and nausea: The patients suffering from CF, cough so forcefully, which results in blood vomit. This problem directly leads to the malnutrition and decrease the immune system.

Inflammation: This natural compound is popularly known to possess anti-inflammatory properties. The compound shows the effect on the body by interacting with the receptors that are available in the lungs, which in turn, can lead to the reduction of inflammation.

Though by reading the above para, you would have got a clear understanding of how this medication can be helpful in treating the disorder.

However, to get a clearer picture on this, let us look at the past studies that happened on this medication.

Past Studies on How CBD Can Be Helpful in Managing CF

According to a 2002 report that got published in the Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics, the imbalance of fatty acid can lead to cystic fibrosis, which, in turn, can lead to chronic lung inflammation and pancreatic problem. The conclusion of the study was that cannabidiol might have the potential of dealing with this health condition.

As per another study in the year 2011, which got published in the Journal of Basic and Clinical Physiology, scientists found that mice suffering from CF had a problem in the functioning of the endocannabinoid system. Those mice were treated with CBD for seven days, and to their surprise, the condition of the mice was improving day by day.

By looking at the past researches done on this compound, you would have got clear understanding about it.

Next, let us discuss on how to use this compound, as this can be a question of many folks.

Possibilities Available to Use Cannabidiol

When it comes to using this compound, the interesting thing about this medication is that the consumers can comfortably choose their ingesting option according to their convenience.

Some of the common ingesting options are:

• Creams

• Lotions

• Oils


• Tinctures

• Vape oil


The base ingredients for preparing all the CBD-infused products are CBD oil.

After reading the above subtopic, the next obvious question that folks may get in their mind is how much to consume.

Thus, with respect to this, we’re jotting down our next subtopic.

How Much Should I Consume For Cystic Fibrosis?

The right CBD dosage for cystic fibrosis can be difficult to find because there are several parameters that you need to consider before fixing your dosage. These parameters includes your weight, sex, current lifestyle, and the condition of the liver.

However, to experience the maximum benefit of any cannabidiol-infused product, it is better to start small and then slowly increase the dosage. In addition to this, before starting to consume this, consult your doctor.

Now, whenever there is a situation to consume any medicinal product or supplement, many people might have a fear of side effects. This is because many medications produce certain adverse effects.

Similarly, when it comes to use any CBD product, many people are there who are having a fear of side effects. Thus, by considering this as an important thing, we’re including it in our next subheading.

Please have a look into it.

What Are The Side Effects That CBD May Cause?

According to a bunch of studies, CBD may cause mild some side effects.

Some of the common side effects are:

• Vomiting

• Dry mouth

• Diarrhea

• Change in mood

• Change in appetite


The next subtopic that we gonna talk about is the legality issue associated with the CBD-infused products.

Is It Legal To Use Every Where?

This is the most frequent question that folks ask because of the condition and restriction that comes along with this compound. The legality of the compound majorly depends on the source of CBD and the state you live in. According to the farm bill 2018, hemp plant becomes legal to cultivate and use because these plants contain less than 0.3%THC content in it, whereas marijuana-derived products are still illegal to use because it contains a high content of THC in it.

Therefore, only hemp-derived CBD products are legal to use across the United States. Thus, make sure that you’re using hemp-derived CBD product and moreover, check with your state law before purchasing it.

Final Take Away On This Topic

Cystic fibrosis is a hereditary problem, which mainly affects your lung and digestive system. It is a life-threating disorder, which needs the right treatment at the early stage itself.

We hope that by reading our article, you would have got complete information on the disorder as well as about CBD. However, still, if you are going to choose cannabidiol, then remember that it won’t cure your problem entirely, but may help in managing the symptoms.

If you have any other doubts regarding this component, then feel free to contact us.

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