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CBD For Cerebral Palsy

CBD for Cerebral Palsy

Hey all,

Today we’re going to talk on CBD for cerebral palsy. Here, we’ll be discussing in detail about the disease and cannabidiol.


What is Cerebral Palsy (CP)?

This is a term for describing a range of neurological conditions, which affect the movement. Cerebral Palsy tends to be the most common form of disability that occurs in childhood.

In this condition, usually, the sufferers find difficulty in moving certain body parts. When it comes to movement, there will be an effect on voluntary or involuntary movements or both.

The disease is not progressive, and as a result, it doesn’t get worse as the age goes on. Moreover, it doesn’t necessarily affect cognitive ability or intelligence.


Symptoms of Cerebral Palsy

The symptoms of this health condition can range from mild to severe and different for all. For example, some people living with this disease can face difficulty in sitting, as well as walking. However, some other people can face difficulty in grasping objects.

Though the symptoms vary according to the brain portion, which was affected, this disease has certain common signs.

This includes:

1. Involuntary movements or tremors

2. Changes in muscle tone (For example: too still or too floppy)

3. Difficulty in speaking

4. Stiff muscles or spasticity

5. Neurological problems (intellectual disabilities, seizures, and blindness)

6. Lack of muscle coordination


When it comes to this disease, there is one important thing that everyone should know. It is – many children are born with this health problem, but they may not show the symptoms until months or even years later. Actually, the symptoms of these problems appear in a child before 3 or 4 years of age.


How Is Cerebral Palsy Caused?

An abnormal brain development or injury to the developing brain can lead to this disease. Usually, the brain damage occurs before birth, but sometimes it can occur during birth or the first years of life.

The brain damage affects the brain portion, which controls the coordination, posture, and body movement.

Most of the time, the reason behind the brain damage is unknown, but still, there are certain possible causes.

They are as follows:

1. Infections in the brain (meningitis and encephalitis)

2. Maternal infections (herpes simplex and German measles)

3. Deficiency of oxygen to the brain during labor, as well as delivery

4. Head injuries due to a fall, child abuse, or a car accident

After reading until here, you may understand what the disease is. Now, let us move on to the treating part.

How to Treat Cerebral Palsy?

Actually, in this case, the treatment is for improving the limitations and avoiding problems. Treatment may consist of prescription medicines, natural medicines, and surgery.

Although there are several options for treating this, here we’ll be focusing on CBD (a natural option).

Before discussing why CBD, we would like to discuss what it is.


What is CBD?

Cannabidiol or CBD is one active cannabinoid among many other cannabinoids, which exist in the cannabis plant. According to certain research, this cannabinoid can be an asset for dealing with a wide range of mild, as well as severe health conditions.

Though this compound exists in the cannabis plant, the extraction of cannabidiol is possible from the hemp plants as well. Hemp-derived CBD is basically non-psychoactive in nature. It’s because the hemp plants contain very less amount of THC content, which is not sufficient to make a user feel high.


How Can CBD Help Manage Cerebral Palsy?

Though we are discussing this topic, you should keep in mind that the evidence stating CBD can be beneficial for managing CP symptoms is very limited.

On the other hand, some scientists have come up with few theories on how cannabidiol can offer relief for the sufferers of this disease.

They are:

Pain Reduction

Patients of CP with locked and rigid muscles will experience severe pain almost all the time. In this situation, cannabidiol can help reduce the severity of pain. This is because, according to a study in 2016 by Barth Wilsey, which was covered in the Journal of Pain, people suffering from spinal cord injury experienced less pain after using the CBD Oil.


Around 50% of the kids with this problem suffer from seizures consequently. In today’s world, CBD is in demand as an option for managing this problem. It can lessen the number of seizures allied with the two rare types of epilepsy disorder - Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS) and Dravet syndrome.

Moreover, even the FDA approved a CBD-based medication, namely EPIDOLEX, for treating the above mentioned two syndromes.

Now, you may clear why scientists believe that cannabidiol can help folks suffering from this condition. On the other hand, how to use this compound.

Do you know that?

If yes, then fine, but if no, then read the following subtopic.

How to Use CBD?

If you are going to try cannabidiol, then you can find a range of options available in the market. You can select the method depending on your comfort zone.

Here is the range of options available for consuming CBD:

o Oils

o Tinctures

o Capsules

o Gummies

o Rubs

o Creams

o Roll-on



After having an idea of how to make use of this, the next question that may strikes in everyone’s mind will be about the dosage.

Bearing this in mind, we covered that part in our next subtopic.

Please have a look.

How Much CBD Required to Manage the Symptoms of Cerebral Palsy

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a particular dosage for this. The dosage can be different for every individual as everyone is different and everyone’s requirement is different.

Thus, start with a low dosage and examine how your body is reacting to cannabidiol - positive or negative. If the impact is positive, then you follow this dosage and, if needed, slightly increase the level of dose.

In addition to this, an important thing, which you should take care of before consuming this is to consult a physician. It is very important if you are already having any medication for your health problem.

We hope now you got a clear view of cannabidiol and why CBD for cerebral palsy.

Therefore, let’s conclude the blog.


CBD can benefit the people suffering from this health condition by managing their symptoms in an effective manner. Moreover, as of now, some people claim that after using cannabidiol products, they find a significant reduction in their symptoms.

Though this is the scenario, it depends on you what you choose for you or your loved ones.

If you want to get more information on this, contact us.

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