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CBD Oil in Virginia

Recently, the CBD industry is exponentially growing in all US states, including Virginia. The Virginians are interested in exploring many CBD products for general wellbeing. Apart from all CBD products, CBD oil is showing promising progress. If you are from Virginia, ensure that you know essential things on CBD before choosing it.

Are you eager to know more about CBD oil in Virginia?

If yes, explore with the information on CBD laws in Virginia listed here.

Starting with its legality.

Is CBD oil legal in Virginia?

The 2014 Farm Bill allows the state to cultivate industrial hemp. As a result, Pure CBD oil extracted from such industrial hemp with less than 0.3% THC content is legal.

Where to buy Pure CBD oil in Virginia?

You can find local retail shops where you can explore the CBD products in Virginia. In addition to those local stores, you can also purchase from the online market.

Online shops have numerous perks than offline shops. You can explore the reviews and testimonials to have a better idea of the products. Moreover, you can also explore the range of products and analyze the credibility of the brand.

Choosing the right online store and the brand may be delicate. Goto Leaf is one of the brand that sells organic and pure hemp-derived CBD products. This brand sells a variety of CBD products, including CBD oil. These products are hemp-derived, organic, pure, legal, and third-party lab tested.

Can doctors prescribe CBD oil in Virginia?

No, doctors cannot prescribe CBD oil in Virginia as the FDA does not approve it. However, state-licensed doctors can issue written notes. These notes are considered as a “recommendation” and not a “prescription.” This is applicable only for the physicians who are registered at the Board of Pharmacy.

Future of CBD oil in Virginia

As per the current CBD laws, the state allows only the hemp-derived CBD oil. However, these rules on CBD are ever-changing, and the uncertainty remains. So please keep checking on the recent CBD laws to stay away from legal actions.

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