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CBD oil in South Carolina

CBD oil is a buzzing hot topic in South Carolina. Wondering why? If yes, then go through this blog thoroughly. This blog will explain the legitimacy of CBD oil in South Carolina.

Moreover, it also gives a quick tip on where to buy the pure CBD oil in S.Carolina.

Is CBD oil legal in South Carolina?

The state legalizes the Pure CBD Oil that is derived from industrial hemp plant and has THC not more than 0.3%. However, this legalization comes with a few restrictions. Marijuana origin CBD products are not legal in the state. Yet, a separate SC law authorizes the recommendation of particular CBD products for seizure and epilepsy.

Where to buy CBD oil in S. Carolina?

While moving on to the purchasing mode, the first thing that pops in our mind is the online stores. These online stores are the easiest method to buy top hemp-derived CBD oil brands. The online mode makes it fun with the availability, comparison, analysis, and reviews.

One such online brand is the Goto Leaf. They sell organic, pure, and third-party lab-tested hemp-derived CBD oil.

Can doctors prescribe CBD oil in South Carolina?

In S.Carolina, doctors are not allowed to prescribe any CBD products for medication. However, a licensed healthcare professionals can recommend it only as an alternative. Also, this recommendation is only for a few health conditions.

Future of CBD oil in South Carolina

The Bill S212 is under construction. It may lay a better path for people with qualifying health conditions to use CBD as a medication. This proposed bill states that marijuana derivatives may be safer than some opioids.

The present CBD law in South Carolina makes hemp derivative CBD legal. On the marijuana-derived CBD, we may expect a turning point in the future laws of CBD in S. Carolina.

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