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Will CBD Help In Treating Arthritis

Arthritis is a disorder that tends to cause the inflammation, which will mainly affect the joints. They usually develop by producing symptoms, but in some cases, it develops all of a sudden without any previous symptoms.

This disorder occurs more in women when compared with men. People who are suffering from this disorder will usually go for prescribed medications, but apart from this, there are also many natural medications available such as CBD.

Let us understand what CBD is and how it is helpful for treating arthritis.

What is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol is an essential component of the hemp plant (a plant species that belongs to the cannabis family). The extraction of pure CBD oil is possible from the leaves, flowers, buds, and stalks of the plant. This particular plant will contain a high amount of cannabidiol and a very less amount of THC content in it. It may have the efficiency of treating a bunch of health issues.

Thus, CBD oil is becoming a popular product to consume because of its long history of providing relief from various health issues.

Know the History of CBD

The rich history of cannabidiol begins in 1940. The first person who became successful in finding CBD from the cannabis sativa plant was a chemist. After him, Dr. Walter S. Loewe in 1946, conducted a first CBD testing on the animals. This is the time when he found the therapeutic benefits of this cannabinoid.

  • After decades, in June 2015, a National Geographic showed a story about how the Siberian burials in 3000 B.C. found the beneficial properties of this cannabis compound. In addition to them, even the Chinese were using this compound for medication purposes.

How Does Cannabidiol Oil Work Within the Body?

As per a few researchers, the endocannabinoids system has two very important cannabinoid receptors: CB1 and CB2.

The CB1 receptors are majorly present in the brain portion, which helps in cognitive actions such as mood, thinking process, memory, and appetite. On the other hand, the CB2 receptors are majorly present in the immune system. These CB2 receptors are responsible for responding to pain and inflammation.

Cannabidiol, shows its effect on the CB2 receptors, not directly by attacking these receptors, but by helping it to produce many cannabinoids of its own. This, in turn, helps in dealing with the pain and perception.

Other Common Health Benefits of Consuming CBD Oil

There are several studies conducted on the health properties of cannabidiol, according to which it is helpful in treating several health disorders.

  • 1. Cannabidiol Oil for Arthritis Pain: One of the primary usages of this oil is for managing the pain of arthritis. It can show a positive effect on the pain and inflammation that the arthritis patients suffers from. As per the study that got published in the Journal of Pain, cannabidiol could help in preventing osteoarthritis pain and joint neuropathy. According to the researchers, it may play a main role in decreasing the inflammation that happens in the joint.
  • 2. Chronic Pain Problem: This medication is helpful in treating the chronic pain that happens here and there in the body. According to the study that got published in the Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management, these cannabinoids are also helpful in dealing with the pain that happens due to multiple sclerosis and cancer. Other studies also state that consuming CBD on a regular basis can show promising impacts in treating fibromyalgia pain.
  • 3. Anxiety Relief: Pure CBD oil can help deal with a bunch of mental disorders, such as anxiety, stress, etc. Research says that it can also be effective in treating multiple anxiety disorders. As per a study, it may be helpful in treating anxiety among young children.
  • 4. CBD for Depression: A report states that this medication may show a positive impact on treating symptoms that are in association with the depression.

What Do the Researchers Think About CBD for Arthritis?

According to some preliminary studies, the cannabidiol can help in managing pain of the arthritis sufferers.

A recent study by Damiel Clauw -a professor at the Michigan University, says that CBD can be efficient in treating knee pain (Osteoarthritis). Apart from this, it may also be a safe solution to consume.

  • The researchers say that the cannabidiol can enter the body and indirectly interact with the CB2 receptors. Thus, it will trigger the receptors to produce more natural cannabinoids of its own. Moreover, they also think that these receptors will react to the signals which can help in lessening the pain and inflammation.

Option for Ingesting CBD

The attractive thing about this medication is that it does not has any standard technique for consuming. Folks are absolutely free to pick their consumption method according to their comfort.

Let us know about a few of the options available for consuming this medication.

  • 1. Sublingual: People who do not have a problem in tasting oil can pick this method. In this, you simply need to keep a few drops under your tongue. Through this way, the bloodstream absorb the content.
  • 2. Edibles: In this technique, you can simply open and unwrap to eat. The only drawback is that it takes time to show effect, as it enters the digestive system to break down.
  • 3. Topical: Topical is something that you need to apply on the outer surface of the skin. Some of the common topical products are cream, lotion, and spray. It is the most common option available to experience the richness of cannabidiol.
  • 4. Inhalation: If you are someone who needs to get relief instantly, then CBD vaping will be the right option. In this method, the content will enter the lungs, which will get mixed with the bloodstream. You just need to obtain equipments, such as a vaporizer, or a drabber.

How to Dose CBD Correctly?

Dosing CBD is one of the toughest jobs as there is no perfect method available for choosing the right product. There are a few steps that you can follow to dose properly.

Small dose: If you are new to this medication, then the best way available is, to begin with a small dosage. Even if the problem is severe, it is better to start with a small dosage.

Know about your health: If you are not able to feel any difference in the health condition, then it is time to increase your dosage until there is some kind of relief.

In addition to these, do not forget to discuss with your doctor and understand the benefits and drawbacks of this medication.

Is CBD Oil Safe For Use?

This is the next most common question that people ask when it comes to the usage of cannabidiol oil.

According to some of the health experts and agencies, the response is yes. In addition to this, as per the National Institute on Drug Abuse, this medication can be a safe drug without any addictive effect.

Thus, as per the studies, any of the cannabidiol products available in the market may be beneficial and safe, only if it is from the industrial hemp.

Is this Medication Legal To Use?

As per the 2014 Farm Bill, certain hemp cultivation became legal, but only after the president signed the Farm Bill 2018, hemp became legal cultivation crop in most of the states of the United States.

In simple words, the legality of all the CBD products depends on multiple factors, such as geographical location, local laws, and ingredients present in the product.

Fallacies and Myths Associated with This Medication

When it comes to the consumptions any of the cannabis compounds, folks get numerous questions in their mind.

Let us into them one by one.

  • 1. Sedative Feeling: A lot of people may have this query because of the fact that CBD is one of the cannabis compounds. However, the truth is that it is a non-psychoactive compound, which can provide relief from a bunch of disorders.
  • 2. Legality Problem: There is many wrong information floating about the legality of this compound. However, the truth is that only hemp-derived cannabidiol is legal to use in most of the states of the U.S.
  • 3. Euphoric feeling: People usually get confused about the term CBD and THC, as both the compounds belong to the same family. Both possess similar health benefits. People who do not have an interest in getting a high feeling can prefer consuming cannabidiol.

Are There Any Side Effects Associated With CBD?

According to a few scientists, it can be a safe and tolerable medication, but there are a few mild side effects that are in association with this medication.

  • • Dry mouth
  • • Dizziness
  • • Drowsiness
  • • Nausea
  • • Irritation

Conclusion on this Topic

By reading this whole article, you might have understood the whole picture of CBD.

Consuming any other CBD products or CBD oil may show a positive effect in dealing with the pain and the other symptoms that occur due to arthritis.

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