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Know the Root of Cannabidiol

Thinking why suddenly CBD seems to be floating everywhere?

If yes, then this article is apt for you.

Here, we gonna look on certain important things that you need to be aware of the cannabidiol. However, let us start by looking at the root of cannabidiol.

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis refers to the group of plants with different levels of psychoactive properties. The three common strains of these plants are cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, and cannabis ruderalis.

When the flowers of these plants dry, you get the most effective drug in the world. The common name of these drugs are a weed, pot, or marijuana.

The people in the United States usually consume these drugs to experience a relaxing and calming effect. It may also have the potential of treating various disorders like chronic pain, glaucoma, and poor appetite.

Thus, this plant has both positive and negative effects on the body.

What are the Important Components of Cannabis?

Cannabis has more than 120 cannabinoids in the plant. Experts are still in the process of finding the right job that each cannabinoid does. Out of all the cannabinoids, there are two cannabinoids which are the most studied one, namely, CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

Let us know about each of them:

  • 1. CBD: It is a non-psychoactive compound of the plant, which means that it will not make you feel high. It may be helpful for managing inflammation, pain, and much more. In addition to this, it may help in dealing with seizures, migraines, nausea, and much more. Researchers are still trying to understand the fullest capacity of this cannabinoid.
  • 2. THC: It is the main psychoactive compound that is present in the cannabis plant. THC is a cannabinoid that is responsible for making you feel high.

CBD vs. THC- Know the difference

Both THC and CBD are the important cannabinoids of the cannabis family. Let us understand the overall difference between both the cannabinoids.

The extraction of Pure CBD Oil is possible from both the hemp or marijuana plants. Hemp strains of the cannabis plants have less than 0.3% THC, while marijuana strains will contain a higher concentration of the THC.

The extraction of the THC is mostly from the marijuana plant, which has the potential of giving high sensation.

How a Hemp Crop can sometimes Change into Marijuana?

Hemp crops can sometimes change into marijuana because of its “miraculous reproduction process” of the plant. A hemp plant will start off making CBD properties, which may slowly start converting into the marijuana field.

Let us try understanding how it happens.

The process of the growing hemp begins, through a pollination process. Most of the flowering plant can produce both female and male parts. They are the hermaphrodites, which can mate with themselves. However, in the case of the cannabis plants, it can be either female or male part.

Thus, when the reproduction happens sexually, their traits mix with each other and produce one of the dominant genes.

So, to prevent from sexual reproduction, you can make use of the UConn’s greenhouse, which is a new technique. By using this new method, you can grow only female hemp plants. This is an easy process when you want to grow indoors. However, this is not conceivable when it comes to growing it outdoor. The outdoor hemp plant can accidentally start the pollination of the marijuana plant.

Is There Any Other Way That Can Alter the Effect of the Strains?

To collect the pure form of CBD and THC from the hemp plant, you need to harvest the plants and send them to the extractor, who will then extract the content and give it to you for consuming.

Sometimes, here comes the main issue. It’s because the extraction process of both the cannabinoids is the same, sometimes the extraction may happen wrongly, by which your CBD Products will contain a concentration of THC in it. Due to this negligence, you might get into some serious consequence. The poor extraction process can lead to mixing some of the unnecessary chemicals, which can be harmful for your health.

Do not assume CBD as a Complete Cure

In most of the articles, you would have heard that CBD can be a power packed medication for all the diseases. However, this is not a complete truth.

Now, let us know some of the facts about both the medication.

CBD is a non-intoxicating compound and is absolutely psychoactive in nature. It acts totally in a different manner when compared to the THC.

To understand how cannabinoids affect our bodies differently. You need to first know about how the human body works. Our human body has the capability of producing its own natural compounds, namely endocannabinoids. It increases the level of dopamine and serotonin, which will show an impact on the neurotransmitter (the chemical signals that can alter the functioning of the neurotransmitter.

Our bodies’ nerves can receive chemical signals via the neurotransmitter receptors. The cannabinoids consist of two important receptors CB1 and CB2. This is where the CBD and THC have an impact on mental health.

THC makes you feel high, as it binds directly with the CB1 receptors, whereas the CBD does not as it doesn’t bind on the CB1 receptors.

Because of these kinds of effects, both the compounds show different results in drug testing.

Want to know about this?

If yes, then read on.

Drug Testing difference between CBD and THC

Both the cannabinoids - THC and CBD gets stored in the body’s fat. They have such a potent effect that it can show up on the drug test for several days of consuming.

However, CBD will not show up in the drug tests as most of the tests are to find the content of THC in your body.

This is because, the extraction of CBD is possible from both marijuana and hemp. Hemp-derived CBD products contain only a trace amount of THC content, but sometimes, there is a possibility that CBD may show a positive result in a drug test (CBD-sensitive test).

Let us know the reason behind that:

1. Consuming the product that has THC content: As discussed earlier, the extraction process of Both the cannabinoids is the same. Because of this, sometimes the seller mislabels their products. It means that by mistake you may get the product with high THC content due to mislabel.

2. Low-quality product: This is the most common mistake that people do. People sometimes buy a bad-quality product which may contain a high concentration of THC in it. All the manufacturers claim that their product does not contain THC, but this is not the truth always. Thus, always opt for reputed manufacturers for high quality products.

3. Indirect exposure to THC: The indirect exposure to marijuana can also show a positive result in a drug test. For example, if you are sitting in a room full of smokers for some time, then it is possible that you inhale this psychoactive compound.

The Legality Issue with Cannabidiol

Cannabis-derived products are illegal in most of the states, but the trend is now changing. More and more states are now legalizing the usage of cannabis for both recreational purpose and medical uses. However, under federal law, cannabis products remain illegal to use.

Cannabis-derived products are illegal in most of the states, but the trend is now changing. More and more states are now legalizing the usage of cannabis for both recreational purpose and medical uses. However, under federal law, cannabis products remain illegal to use.

Thus, if you also have an interest in buying these products, ensure that it is legal in the state where you live.

The Bottom Line

Cannabis is a term, which is becoming extremely popular due to its therapeutic benefits. The cannabinoids present in the plant has its own benefits and drawback, which may show an impact on the body.

If you are curious enough to consume any of the compounds of the plant, then before that consider talking to your doctor or general physician. This helps you to know about the benefits and side effects that you can experience with this cannabinoid.

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