Is CBD safe to consume with Alcohols

Now that cannabis is legal in federal states, people can’t get enough of CDB. Craft Breweries are planning to mix CBD with their alcohols. The effects of CBD in alcohol are still undergoing research because the consumption of CBD more than the threshold limit can intoxicate your body. To put in simple words, both alcohol and CBD can relax you, but when you mix these two, it will relax you even more. Consumption of CBD can make you chill, mellow and light-hearted, but when you consume it with alcohol, their effects may double or triple depends on the amount of consumption.

But there are hardcore alcohol-lovers who may tend to consume more than the limits and the CBD content may intoxicate them. Nevertheless, over-consumption of anything is bad. A little CBD in the human system which is around 40mg can be beneficial for both physical and psychological well-being of an individual.

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