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Is CBD safe to consume with Alcohols

CBD or cannabidiol tends to be a naturally occurring component present in the marijuana or cannabis plant. While comparing with THC (one of the active constituents in cannabis), CBD does not have any psychotic properties. Thus, it will not cause high associated with the use of marijuana. Recently, cannabidiol is gaining popularity and is obtainable in different forms.

Varied Forms of Cannabidiol

Here are the diverse forms of this compound, which is obtainable to people in the marketplace:

Now, let us move onto our main subject - alcohol, and CBD.

Is It Safe to Consume CBD with Alcohol?

Alcohol is popular for its efficiency in lessening inhibitions and promoting feelings of relaxations. Cannabidiol also has the same effects on the human body. As per the studies, it can soothe your nerves and lessen anxiety.

Consuming CBD and alcohol together can amplify these effects, but may cause symptoms like sedation, as well as sleepiness. Some people also report that mixing these two things can strengthen the effects of both. This, in turn, can result in fluctuations in the behavior and mood of the user. In fact, there was a small study, which observed at the effects of giving contestants a 200 mg of CBD along with 1 gram of alcohol for every 1 kg of body weight.

According to this study, a combination of cannabidiol and alcohol lead to damages in motor performances. However, contestants didn’t experience the same effects when they intake CBD alone. According to some studies, the cannabidiol may protect against some negative effects of alcohol.

Here are those negative effects of alcohol, which can manage with the help of cannabidiol:

  • Lessening blood alcohol levels
  • Preventing the damage of cells
  • Reducing the alcohol addiction


Alcohol, as well as cannabidiol, may amplify the effects of each other. On the other hand, consuming both together in heavy doses can lead to sedation and sleepiness. However, studies lack in this matter. Thus, more research is essential to confirm whether it is safe to use both these together or not.

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