I consumed CBD oil for my anxiety, here is the result what I found

The first time when I heard about this oil, I was a little skeptical. It’s because though many positives are evolving around this oil, there are many negatives as well. This is the reason why I searched on this oil in detail. Here are the findings that I found about this oil. Let’s start from scratch.

What is CBD?

CBD is a short form for cannabidiol, an anti-psychoactive compound in the cannabis plant. While searching about this online, I came to know that this is an active ingredient in the “Charlotte’s Web Everyday Plus Hemp Oil”. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol doesn’t produce the psychotic effects.

Thus, it won’t make the user high. Moreover, as per some scientific studies, cannabidiol can ease the level of anxiety. In a study, which compared the effects of CBD and THC, reveals that THC can increase the level of anxiety. It increases the level of anxiety by activating the neurotransmitters involved in this.

CBD actually suppress the response of the nervous system associated with the sudden increase in respiration or heart rate. It means cannabidiol can be a perfect option for folks who need a relaxing effect. When it comes to cannabidiol, there is always a misconception on its legality in the U.S. Many people consider it as illegal. Do you also consider like that? If yes, then read the next subtopic and clear your misconceptions.

Legality of CBD

Recently, the demand for CBD is booming day by day. This is because several studies are stating that it can be helpful for managing varieties of health problems. Not only this, but also because now it’s legal in all the 50 states under some terms and conditions. In fact, its legality depends on its origin.

Cannabidiol extracting from the hemp plant is legal because hemp contains no THC content. Not only this, but there are other reasons as well. One main among them is, according to Farm Bill 2018, growing hemp is legal all over the United States. As a result of this, CBD oil (one of the CBD products) also become legal to use. Now, as we said above that CBD oil is one of the CBD products, do you want to know about the rest of the cannabidiol products? If yes, then here it is.

Have a look into some of the CBD-infused products:

Oil, which is coming from hemp seeds, is mainly composed of dietary fats. This indicates that it can offer benefits to the skin, but does not contain all the compounds of the plant, including CBD as well.

Hemp Extract:

Though the hemp-derived CBD products can be helpful for managing several diseases, its effect can be different for different people. According to research, most of the people can tolerate CBD, but some people may experience some side effects.

Here Are the Side Effects of CBD:

  • ➟ Dry mouth
  • ➟ Decrease in appetite
  • ➟ Drowsiness

Why am I Impressed With This Oil?

While searching in-depth about this oil, I noticed that it could help people having sleep issues. As a result, I bought one industrial-hemp derived Pure CBD oil and consumed a few drops by placing it under my tongue. After 30 minutes, I was really surprised by how effective it was. This oil provided a relaxing effect on my body. Not only physical relaxation, but it also provided me mental relaxation without high.

This, in turn, offered me a good sleep. As consistent dosage level is necessary for a medication to show its effects, I maintained a consistent dosage level for cannabidiol also. I consumed a few drops of oil daily once for seven days, and I feel a significant reduction in my anxiousness. Not only this, but it also helped me to focus more on my work. I used to work under pressure, and the busy work schedule has reduced my productivity.

This mainly happens because I get distracted continuously by slack, email, and the folks around me. I strongly believe that this is a part of my anxiousness. When I feel more anxious, I am unable to concentrate on my works. As I mentioned above that after consuming this CBD oil, I feel less anxious, and makes me more relaxed. This, in turn, allows me to concentrate on my work.

Final Judgment

I won’t say that CBD oil has changed my life completely, but still, it can be beneficial for managing some health conditions. However, while buying this oil, make sure that you are purchasing the hemp-extracted CBD oil. Hemp-derived cannabidiol oil can offer many health benefits without making the user high. If you want to know more, then contact us.

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