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Does CBD Reduce Skin Acne?

CBD is one natural compound of the cannabis plant with several health benefits. It may helpful for certain diseases, but does CBD reduces skin acne?

Read the blog to know the answer.

Table of Contents

  1. Does CBD Effective for Treating Acne?
  2. How to Use CBD for Skin Problems
  3. Conclusion

Acne is a common problem for many individuals that can occur at any time. Several lotions and creams are available to manage this skin problem. Though there are many skincare solutions, nowadays, many are choosing CBD products.

As per some studies, cannabidiol products can help people manage this skin issue. Not only this, but also the other skin problems.


Does CBD Effective for Treating Acne?

Researchers state that this cannabinoid may help manage several acne forms. They say that this cannabidiol does this by reducing the overproduction of sebum. Excessive production of sebum can result in this skin problem.

In a study in 2014, there was an explanation about the CBD effects on sebocytes of human. Sebocytes are the cells, which create sebum. The study says that cannabidiol can prevent these cells from producing excessive sebum.

Additionally, a study suggests that this compound can cause anti-inflammatory effects in the cells. As a result, it can prevent the activation of inflammatory cytokines. This is why the experts believe that it can be effective for managing acne.

Though the studies are promising for using CBD for acne, human trials are necessary.


After reading till here, you may want to how to use this for skin problems.

If yes, then here is what you want.

How to Use CBD for Skin Problems

In today’s marketplace, this cannabinoid is available in plenty of forms. This means you can choose the form as per your convenience. Thus, the way of using differs as per the form you choose.

The various forms of this compound are:

  • Oils
  • Capsules
  • Lotions
  • Creams




Studies are stating that this compound might help manage acne effectively. The experts say that it does this by reducing inflammation and sebum production.

Despite this scenario, human trials are necessary to confirm the claims.

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