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Does CBD Improve Vision?

Some studies are stating that CBD could be useful for eye problems. In fact, the studies state that this may enhance eyesight. However, still many have a doubt that does CBD improves vision?

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Table of Contents

  1. Benefits of CBD for Eyes
    1. Lower intraocular pressure
    2. Increases Night Vision
  2. Research on CBD for Eye Health
  3. Final Thoughts

CBD is hitting the medical industry for its several medicinal benefits. Some studies suggest that it could be beneficial for managing certain health conditions. Not only this, but the studies also state it could reduce the symptoms of some severe disorders.

Though it may be useful for several diseases, here, we’ll be focusing on the efficacy of CBD for vision.

Let’s start.

Benefits of CBD for Eyes

1. Lower intraocular pressure

A high level of intraocular pressure can cause Glaucoma. This tends to be a degenerative disorder, which damages the optic nerve of the eye.

According to a study, cannabinoids might save the optic nerve cells. The study state cannabinoids does this with the help of neuroprotective mechanism. Though this is the condition, more researches are essential to prove this.

2. Increases Night Vision

As CBD is one of the main active cannabinoids in the cannabis plants, it may enhance the night vision. This is due to the statement by Moroccan fisherman. He claimed that after smoking weed, he was able to see better at night than earlier.

To confirm this statement, the scientists experimented with this. After the experiment, the researchers found a significant improvement in the night view.

Now, you may clear on why there is a belief that this compound might improve the night view.


Research on CBD for Eye Health

Some preliminary research state that this compound may help deal with eye-related problems.

When it comes to eye-problem, Glaucoma is the most common problem in Americans. According to an earlier study from the Medical College of Georgia, cannabidiol has retinal neuroprotective properties. Thus, it may help manage glaucoma effectively.

Moreover, as we wrote above, studies say that this compound may improve the night view.

Final Thoughts

After reading till here, you may get the answer for “does cannabidiol improves vision”. As per some researches, cannabidiol could improve the night vision without any side effects. However, still more studies are essential to claim this.

Note: Always keep in mind that cannabidiol is not an alternative to any drug.

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